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The following excerpts are from a booklet titled "By-Paths and Cross-Roads; Accidents of Fair Travelers on the Highway of Life", published by The Willows Maternity Sanitarium, primarily for physicians, copyright 1918 by E. P. Haworth.

Another story, that, in its interest to the medical fraternity is that of the growth and development of the sanitarium which has for a number of years been cooperating with you in the solution of one of your serious problems. To those of you who can look back fifteen or twenty years on your practice, the question of the disposition at that time of a young woman of the higher strata of society who had mistepped society's dictates, was indeed a difficult one.

It was in 1905 that the present Management of The Willows began, in a humble way, to cooperate with the medical profession in the seclusion and protection of those unfortunate young women.

Whatever criticism might be offered the individual who has succumbed to sex temptations, there can be no question that the greatest individual sufferer is the unwelcome child. Though one condemn the guilty parents, he must feel the need of sympathy and assistance for that mite of humanity who must be the innocent victim of its origin.

While members of the medical fraternity of the Central West are familiar in a general way with The Willows and its methods, these stories may come with a new message of its help for you in a case which even now may be taxing your ingenuity. At this moment there may be among your patients a young woman who needs help in this, her greatest hour of trial and tribulation.

The Willows Maternity Sanitarium is an institution devoted exclusively to the care and seclusion of unfortunate young women, offering them congenial, homelike surroundings before confinement and exceptional medical and hospital care during delivery and convalescence. In most cases arrangements are also made for the finding of a home for the patient's baby for adoption.

The institution will not knowingly accept a young woman of the immoral or degenerate type, its service being reserved for worthy and deserving young women who have made a misstep and who face social and moral ruin. The Willows' method is the safe, Christian and ethical solution to one of the most difficult problems of the medical community.

Early entrance during gestation is important for preparing the patient for accoutrement through systematic hygienic methods and massage. A special system of abdominal and perineal massage has been originated for preventing striae gravidarum and as an aid to labor. The abdominal markings of a single girl, caused by carrying a child, are telltale signs that might be discovered at any time and cause her misfortune to become known. This combination of massages, including the skin, perineal and vaginal massage, has been successful in sending numbers of girls, who have taken them, away from The Willows without marks or signs to show of their experience.

Probably greater good than that accomplished for the unfortunate young woman is that done for her helpless baby. In the Nursery every effort is made to save and develop the child. No reasonable expense is spared in its care.

The Management is always glad to welcome the physician and his friends on a visit through The Willows. Come personally and inspect the buildings. Bring your patient and personally locate her. Write for any needed information and data regarding expenses. Also choice babies for adoption.

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