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From: Norma S. ( Just want to update my old entry with my current email address. I am a Willows birthmom from 1962. My new email address is I re-connected with my son in 1983. Would like to hear from other birthmoms who may have been at the Willows during late 1961 through March 1962.

From: daniel paul f. ( I was born 2-8-68 at the willows. I was adopted 6-7-68 by a mexican family. I was told That I was called baby Miguel at the willows and that my birthmom was of irish descent and my birthfather of puerto rican. My adopted family has been very evasive with me regarding the adoption so these details are questionable. They have no paperwork on the adoption whatsoever. I have found that there is no nonidentifying I.D. in my file. Rosalee Schottle, the keeper of all adoption records in Jackson county, has told me the only next step was to petition the court which involves money. It is not a for sure deal that I will find my birth parents then either since the court will make certain once their I.D. is found that the birth parents want contact to be made. A lot of variables. i have a longing in my heart to know the truth about who i am and where i am from a basic need or knowledge that, good or bad most people take for granted please help if you can thanks danny

From: Deborah L. F. ( My mother was born at the Willows on May 8, 1915. While going through her things I found a book Album of Willows Babies. Her given name was Virginia White. I would just like to know more about the Sanitarium. She was adopted by LeCuyer and raised in Kankakee Illinois.

From: Russel S. ( Born at willows 21 june 1949. First name was Frank Young. Mothers name on med card given as Suzanne. Was adopted at 6 weeks of age.

From: Melissa ( Female born at the Willows on 7/6/63 searching for information on birth parents. Name on certificate from Willows is "baby Lissa". Also have brother born at Willows on 10/8/64 - searching for information on his birth parents. Name on his birth certificate is "baby stephen". Our lives have been fabulous - just wanting information to know how we came to be the individuals that we are.

From: Sarah ( I am a birthmom searching for my son born at the Willows on Sunday 5/19/68 @ 11:?? am. He had blue eyes and blonde hair and his birth name was Mark. I believe he was adopted in June but it might have been early July, 1968. I have always remembered the short 30 minutes that I got to hold him before signing the papers stating that I would give him up for adoption. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I will not force him to meet me but I just want to make sure he is happy and has had a good life. I am praying for everyone who has signed this guest book and I hope you will do the same for me. I have just started this search and I can see that it may not be an easy thing to do. I am Sarah and the birth father was named Daniel. We were both 20. It's a long story. I hope I have the opportunity to share it with Mark.

From: Lori W. J. ( This is an update of some information I found since my initial entry about 1 year ago. I am still searching for my Dad's birth family. He was born 8-10-1947 at the Willows. His birth mom's name is listed as Patricia on her lab report. She was 19. I have since received some information from the state of Kansas as I cannot even access non-id info from Missouri since my dad and his parents are all deceased. I have found his birth mom's date of birth: 3-19-1928. His birth name was listed on the adoption decree as Phillip Willm. His birth parents are in their late 70's now, so I feel time is very important. If this sounds familiar to you, please contact me. I have 3 sons and am looking for medical information. I don't want to disrupt anyone's lives. I would be happy with any information you could give us as to what half of me is. Thanks for this site. Lori Wright Janicke

From: Suzanne H. ( It has been so long since my original entry -- I needed to update my e-mail!! I was born July 12, 1966 at The Willows, Paper work says my name was Darlene. My adoption was final in June 1967. The Dr. on the Birth Certificate is Robert Lamar. I am still interested in information about my birth mom and dad - and family!

From: Kathy D. ( June 28,1966 son born @ The Willows. FirstMother ISO. Would love to hear about my son (6-28-66)if he would like information about his birthmother. Anyone around this time at the Willows I was Sue. Would like to find Marty and some of the other mothers, we were a band of sisters at that time. If you e-mail me put Willows in the subject line.

From:( I was born at the Willows Dec 5, 1944. Original name: Vance Murphy. Mother's name: Marilyn. Don't know if last name was also Murphy. Don't know anything else except for the legal dates, etc. Would like to find out more.

From: Rhonda S. ( Hi, My grandmother was adopted from there in june of 1919. Her birth mother was only 16 but gave her the name of charlotte. I really wish that there was some way to know if the birth mother went on to have more children and if so where and when.. I would love to find out that my grandmother has brothers and sisters that would be my family..Rhonda

From: Kathleen C. ( My Mother gave birth to a baby boy on or around November 21 - 23 1951. Mother's name was Mary Carol Rosser and Father's name was Donald Solman. They both resided in the Evanston/Wilmette, Illinois area. Mother was 20 at the time and Father was 21. I was the only other child born to Mary and we have no information on the Father. Child may have been named Donald or Kevin at time of birth and my Mother believes he may have been adopted by a doctor and his wife. Any information you have would be more than welcome.

From: Vicki H. ( Just ran across you old guest book. Found an entry from TAMMY ORTWEIN. I believe my biological mothers name was HELEN RUSERT(RUSSERT). I would love to exchange known information with you. The email address given is no longer valid.THANKS!

From: Martin A ( I was born on 12/3/1960 at the Willows and have been searching for my birth mother and or father. I am a male dark hair and brown eyes and have american indian features. Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated, God bless.

From: Amy P. ( Female born 5/28/68 ISO birth family. NEED medical info and would like a reunion if possible. Nursing staff called me Baby Girl "Oona" (pronounced like Mona w/o the "m"). Any info would be helpful.

From: Kyle P. ( Male born 9/22/66 in KC. ISO birth family-any info helpful. I was told my bio-mom was a student at UMKC Conservatory of Music in mid to late 60's and my bio-father was married and in the military.

From: Michael L. S. ( I was born on April 14, 1948. My birth mother gave me the name of Lee Hitchcock. My adoptive parents named me Michael Lee, using my giving birth name. I have been searching for either my birth mother or father. Both of my adoptive parents are deceased. I know very little about my birth parents. If anyone would have been at the Willows at this time may have met my birth mother and may have information on her. Thank you and may God Bless all of you in your endeavors.

From: Polly O. ( Birth mother, Janelle delivered boy "Rickey Witt" on February 5, 1956, apparently at The Willows by a Dr. Love. He is my husband. Would like to know more about his birth parents.

From: Sue F. ( Am helping a cousin searching for information about birth parents and siblings. Was born August 22, 1930 to LOUISE CORWIN, age 19, at the Willows. Baby was named Stuart. Louise was an only child, had attended junior college for one year and her father was a retired teacher. Stuart's father, age 21 (name unknown), had attended 2 1/2 years of college and was one of three children (had a brother and a sister). When baby Stuart was born, his father's mother was deceased, but paternal grandfather was still living, and was listed as a mule and horse buyer. If anyone recognizes any of this information, please contact me. Would also appreciate any suggestions, etc. for the search!

From: Jeanine ( I was born 12/12/35 - birth name Jeanine called Baby Jeanine by Willows staff. Adopted 2/36 by couple living in KS. Would like information about birthmother from anyone who might have been at the Willows from 6/35 until 2/36. My information says birthmother died 1/36 at Willows;however, I do not know if this is correct. Any information would be appreciated.

From: Debbie ( Try to help a friend to find her birth grandparents Her mother name was Fern Jackson b. Nov-3-1929 kansas City Mo adopted parents were Daniel and Jessy Nickell

From: Annette B. ( My mother was born at the Willows on 30 November 1925. She died in February and I discovered her original adoption decree in her papers. Name on the adoption papers was Lois Eberhart. She had dark hair, big brown eyes and fair skin. She was adopted by Fred & Annette Parish of Newton IA. I have contacted the District Court in Kansas City who told me that she was born at the Willows, but there is no other information. My heart goes out to all of you searching. Would love to hear from anyone who could possibly help my search. Also email address looks odd because the 2 key on my computer isn't working and won't print the at symbol.

From: James L. S. ( DOB: 05-10-1945 SEX: MALE Name on adoption decree was Archer Alexander. The Sackett Laboratory Report listed PATIENT as Rosa, Willows Hospital, and the Dr. was D. T. Van Del. I would like to find Rosa, my birth mother. She may have been born in 1926. This web site was quite interesting. Thank you

From: ( My mother was available for adoption from The Willows in June 1938. Her birth date is May 21, 1938. She was Baby Marie Bristow and her mother's patient name was Lucy. Her birth mother came from a farming background as did her birth father. Her adoption was finalized in October of 1938.

From: Verda Lea V. ( I was born Nov. 13, 1930 at the Willows about ll:30 p.m. I have very little birth information, and don't know how to go about finding any. I would like more family history, medical, etc. to give to children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. I think my name was Verda at the Willows and the name McCracken was on a piece of paper (which I've now lost). Any information will be appreciated.

From: Melissa (Lis) Beaty S. ( I was born at The Willows on Nov. 23, 1957--birth name Bobbi Thiel, according to my adoption paperwork. I've been told that my birth father was an attorney and my birth mother was his secretary, but I don't know if that's true. I'm looking for information about my birth family. Would like to hear from someone if that rings a bell--or other Willows adoptees from that time frame.

From: Terry ( Born March 20, '44 @ Willows. Was told nurses at Willows gave me the name "Nanette Mack". On amended bc it states I am the 9th live birth of my mother. Any help would be appreciated...t

From: Kelli P. ( Looking for my father's birth parents. Medical information needed. Baby boy born 3-9-45. Baby named Robert Davis. Birth mother named Lena (20 yrs). Father in Navy (23 yrs). Any search tips would be wonderful! Not sure were to start. Have some letters, footprints, and crib card.

From: Sheila G. ( I was born 11-13-59. I would sure like to know who my birth mother was and where I came from.

From: Marjorie T. ( I was adopted from the willows. Date of birth 12-13-50

From: Susan K. J. ( I was adopted by a couple from Chicago in July 1946. I did receive my non-identifying info from KC records.

From: Diane R. ( I was born at the Willows on Dec. 22, 1943. I was so happy to find your web site! Just a connection I guess. I found my birthmother in 1986, with help. It was an up and down relationship. I have met and still have contact with an aunt and uncle and a cousin. I no longer have contact with my birthmother. I have a 1/2 sister, she was raised as an only child. She is 12 yrs younger than me. She actually forced my birthmother to choose between the two of us. SAD!

From: Rhonda S. ( I Just wanted to update my story.. I am currently working with KS city family courts to see if we can get any identifying information on my grandmothers birth family.

From: R. B. ( Born 5-23-1964 male at Willows. Trying to help ex husband locate birth parents. Crib card said baby "Robby". No other info

From: Rachel ( 08-10-1938 I am searching as a favor for my mother-in-law. She was born on 08-10-1938 according to her revised birth certificate. Her adoptive parents were named Chester and Mildred Creekmore in Missouri. She believes that her given name was Margaret, but is not sure. I am looking for information on her birth family. If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.

From: Kathy D. ( 6/28/66 looking for boy born at the Willows. Would love any information.

From: Ina L. ( For all that were born at the Willows and are searching for answers ----I am writing to let you know at the present time there is a bill in the Missouri House--- HB1436--- if passed it will allow adult adoptees born in MO. to access their original birth certificate. It is not too late to write to House Members --- especially those on the Judicial Committee (where the bill is at the moment. You can access their names and E-mail addresses on the Missouri House of Representatives web site. If you need help, contact me and I can help. It is time that we have equal civil rights as the rest of the population. Please help!!! I was born at the Willows in 1933. I have found my maternal birth family -- and it has been a blessing. I now have two beautiful families.

From: Deb ( I was born June 1967 at the Willows. My birth name is Lori Curtis? I am living in the Kansas City area. I am happily married with three beautiful healthy children. I was adopted by a wonderful loving family!

From: Melanie M. ( I was born Cheryl Taggart on 2/6/64 at The Willows. To make a long story short ... with my legal name from my adoption decree and the non-ID info from the social history, I Googled my way to my birthmom's business website in 5-10 minutes, complete with a current picture, looking EXACTLY like me. (My sister, also a Willows baby, born Vicki Horn, 5/29/61, thought it WAS me!) I was only casually searching before I found her, so I wasn't prepared for this. My birthmom isn't searching to my knowledge and has a hubby, career and family, so this would be a big surprise. I don't necessarily want a relationship, but I'd think she'd be curious, and I'd like her to know what a great life I've had. Would love advice, especially from any birthmoms, on whether to contact, what she might want to know, etc. If anything, I'm thinking a private letter, but what on earth would the first sentence be??? Thanks for any help and good luck to those of you still searching!

From: Micki ( I lived at the Willows from December 1, 1965 until I gave birth to my beautiful daughter on March 20, 1966. I'm looking for other women who were there at the same time. Thx


From: Cheryl B. ( Looking on behalf of my Mother, born 11.21.29 @ Willows. Birth name: Anabel Seitz. Adopted 2.30 by George & Della Turner from Des Moines IA. Birth father may have been Ralph Brown. aname: Idamae Turner.Dr. Dyson in helped w/adoption.

From: Ron S. (Jr.) ( My father was born at the Willows on May 11th, 1930. While Dad is no longer in the building I'm still hoping that I can find some info about where he came from. It would be nice to say hi to the family I've never met. If you're out there, hi! Ron

From: Carl Robert M. (Elwood Otoupal) ( I have been searching since 1976, and finally found a photo of my birth mother, Eleanor Marie Otoupal. I was born at the Willows on 2-23-1937.

From: Lisa ( Searching for birthmom of my mother. DOB 10-8-35, KCMO. Feel confident she was born at The Willows - birth cert has Dr. DT VanDel as physician, no info on birthparents. Adoptive parents listed on cert. I have heard that she was named Beverly either by the hospital or her birthmom. Later changed to Judith. Adopted in Jan or Feb 1936 so she was at the Willows for several months. Any info would be appreciated. Looking only for medical information. Mom died of breast cancer in 1999.

From: lee m.1933 ( I am looking for anyone related to me. Lee mason born to ruth mason on feb 12, 1933. at the willows

From: Judith ( What a wonderful site: I was born at the Willows 8/18/35 I am a female. Of course would like any information. Thank You to my birth mother for giving me life...

From: Mike C. ( I was born at The Willows in September 1963. Non-id info indicates that my birth mom was a 20-year-old college student with dark hair, and my birth dad was a 22-year-old musician and college student. My adoptive parents are great people, and my life has been, and is, very nice. I'm interested in meeting my birth mom (and/or birth dad)to learn more about them and say thanks for giving me the opportunity to grow up as I did.

From: Angela J. ( I am looking for some information on my Grandmother. She was born at The Willows Maternity Sanitarium in Kansas City, Missouri. The name used on her adoption papers was Baby Grace Stengel and she was born 9/7/1935 at 8:15 am weighing 7 lbs 3.5 oz.. Richard B. Kirwan was the attorney who handled the adoption. Her birth mother would have been born around 1914 and her birth father around 1911. Her birth mother's description was: 150 lbs, 5 ft. 3 in, med. brown hair, blue eyes, high school graduate and also nurses training, registered nurse, country reared, American of German extraction. Her birth father's description was: 150 lbs, 5 ft. 8 in, blond curly hair, blue eyes, high school graduate, oil salesman, country reared, American of English extraction. I hope all of this information strikes a spark in someone who can help find my grandmother's birth mother. Visit for more information.

From: Deborah B. C. ( DOB 4.27.54 Lucinda blonde, blue eyes,

From: shawn ( My dad was born 2-13-47 and was adopted by dan and edith callahan from Gary, Indiana. His name possibly was Chester at birth. If you have any information about who my dads bm or bd is please call me. We need medical information. Thank you 304-615-7364

From: Anne L. (alewis1846@sbcglobal,net)A wonderful web site...have spent the last two evenings reading through the site and feel so connected to all "Willow" adoptees. I too have searched for years, have spent money to "searchers" all to no avail...I was born at the Willows...birth mothers name was Madelyn Hatfield and I was "baby Susan" Born 1/18/46 adopted a month many of you I would love to have knowledge of my birth mother and family. My mothers age at the time of my birth was 31 and would have to believe that she is deceased. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

From: Tammy ( My name is Tammy. I am in search for my brother or sister that was born at The Willows in Kansas City. Not sure about the year. Somewhere between 1951-1957. Mothers name was Helen Rusert(Russert). Who was from a town they use to call Sherman, Mo. Which is about 10 miles from Ballwin/Ellisville area.

From: Carrie B. ( I was born at Willows November 17, 1965 at 3:15 am. I was two months preemie and weighed 4 pounds. My birthmom was 19. I'm looking for you! You named me Andrea. I hope to find you and thank you!

From: Sandra Z. A. ( Looking for my daughter, born Oct. 20, 1967, at The Willows in Kansas City. Birth name was Tania. I have always loved you & desire to be reunited with you. I would love to share a part of your life, but do not want to interfere. Your wishes are my first consideration. PLEASE CONTACT ME & PUT TANIA IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL.

From: Alan M. ( I was born at the Willows January 8, 1945 as Patrick Dykman. My b-mom was American/Dutch, 19 yrs old. My b-father was American/English 28 yrs old. Both were defense workers. My b-mom has 2 brothers, 1 sister. My b-dad is an only child. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Jeanne ( After reading these entries, it's interesting to see how adoption doesn't just effect the birth mother & child, but also future generations. My mother was adopted from the Willows in 1937 & it is as important to me (the grandchild of my mom's birth mom) as it is my mom to find our birth mother/grandmother. Is it true the records were burned, or just a hopeful lie to discourage people from looking? Are adoption search agencies worth your money to assist in finding your lost loved one? THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE REUNITED WILLOWS CHILDREN & BIRTH MOMS, ANY INORMATION OR WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Longing to know my grandmother & her family.Thank You

From: Linda M. ( Female born 05-07-64 at The Willows, (Jamie Sheridan listed on adoption papers as my name). Actively searching for any of my birth family and / or any birth mother who stayed there between 11-63 & mid 1964. Thanks!

From: melinda ( I recently found out that my mom gave birth two boys in the late 1940s...maybe 1947 to 1949? Maybe at the Willows? Her name was Maxine Harkreader and she was born in 1926. She was from Oklahoma. If this sounds familiar or if anyone has information that could help me find my half brothers I would love to hear from you!

From: Anita F. W. ( I was born at the Willows March 14, 1949. I have very little information but may have been named Jeanne by either my mother or a nurse. I am interested in any information that anyone could provide. Thanks

From: Madge M. M. G. ( I was born at the Willows Jan. 8, 1934. I have searched hard and long to no avail for some family members. It would help if Missouri would open those records. I have all info. needed, with file numbers, etc. I just keep hoping something will turn up for me. Appreciate any help I can get. I was named Mae Lee at the Willows and my birthmother was Doris Lee from Iowa. Thanks for being there. Madge

From: Mary Lou C. ( I was at the Willows September 1952-January 1953. Would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time.

From: Jan G. ( Searching for my son born October, 1966 at the Willows in Kansas City. Anyone with information on a previously successful method regarding locating an adoptee, please contact me at 217-825-8345. I am looking for my son who was born @ the Willows in October 1966. Todd was the birth name I gave him. I have tried to get his birth records but haven't had any success. I would appreciate any information that anyone has that would help me in my search. My last name is also the name I had at the Willows...we used nicknames there and mine was Sissy (a family nickname) Thanks for this wonderful gives me hope in my quest to find my son.

From: Dennis K C. ( I have finally found my parents. There are no words to explain the completion and gratitude that I have with this. This is a miracle. I would like to Thank anyone and everyone for opening the door to my Family. I will forever be in debt. God Bless to all Dennis K Connors

From: ?? I was born at the Willows on April 10, 1963. My birth mother's name at that time was Autumn Arlene Anderson and she resided in the state of Wyoming. My birth name was Keith Anderson.

From: Susie ( born at The Willows on 5/31/64

From: Jerry T. ( Born 12-17-45 @ The Willows, Hospital name was David Perry. Any info on birth parents appreciated.

From: Sherman ( I was born at The Willows on 6/28/66 and my birth mother was Kathy Davis - you could see her entries in this guestbook. Not knowing that I was being searched for makes me feel guilty for not registering. Now that I'm grown, it is fun to have more family. I'm excited to meet my birthmother!

From: Kathy D. (davisks@aol.xom) You will see that my birth son (b. 6/66) has signed this guestbook. What you cannot see is the smile on my face. He is wonderful, has had great parents and we are going to meet soon. An answer to my prayers. Thank you for this site. I hope everyone is as lucky as I have been. "Sue" Kathy

From: Jack T. ( I am the father of Dennis K. Connors who has previously signed this book expressing his gratitude. I join him and speak for his mother, Jan Geninatti, in also attempting to express our sincere gratefulness to all that have helped us reunite just this past January 21, 2007. All three of our lives have changed so significantly since that day. And since then, we've seen each other a couple of times but have spoken daily. It's wonderful. Do not give up. Hope will eventually prevail if it's meant to be... I encourage everyone who has been separated through adoption to continue their search. It is an incredible experience indeed. I wish all of you the very best in your search. Sincerely, Jack Toman

From: Sherry M. ( Looking for a woman born 9/15/1954 in MO. Birthmother last name Conaway. Sister trying to find her.

From: Shawn R. ( An update from the old guestbook w new email address. I am a female born 6-13-55 at he Willows searching for family of any kind.

From: phillip b. ( my mother was the willows 6/30/19.she was adopted by albert and susie rannie in north platte nebr.she was named josepnine fay rannie. i am trying to find any info.on my grandparents.thanks for any help, phil.

From: Dreamweaver ( I am looking for any information on my fathers birth family. He was born at the Willows on 12/24/1928 and named Dean Renfrow his hair color was red. We know his father was of Scottish descent, and that one of his parents was musical. My father had tried back in the late 1940's to get information on his birth and was told that all records were destroyed in a fire. This was not true as the facility still existed at that time. Which makes me wonder about the fire in the back yard that supposedly destroyed all the documents, if they lied the first time about documents and got away with it then why not the second time as well. My Father was adopted at the age of 3 months by Antone and Emma Steffens who lived in the Country near Atlantic Iowa. My father is still alive and I am helping him to try and locate anything. We are pretty sure that neither of his parents would be living today. But maybe someone in either of their families would have some information. Thanks

From: Victoria H. ( Tammy please contact me regaurding Helen Rusert.

From: Melanie K. S. ( My father was an adoptee from The Willows in 1928. He was born May 23th. His birth Mother's last name is Macek and she was 26 years old at the time he was born. She had dark hair and blue eyes and was described in the little bit of paperwork we have as "very pretty". His birth father was only described as a red-haired Irishman. My father was named "Chester" by the Willows, but when my grandparents, Mary and Earl Krueger adopted him, he was renamed "Earl Floyd Krueger". I would appreciate any information anyone may have. I know it is a long shot, but you never know. Thanks So sorry, so excited to find this message board I had a typo with my Dad's birthdate! He was born at the Willows 5/23/1928. He was named "Baby Chester" but adopted by Mary and Earl Krueger so his named was changed to "Earl". His biological Mother had the surname "Macek" was 5'5" tall with dark hair and blue eyes. I know nothing of his father, only that he was a red-haired Irishman. He grew up in Larned, Kansas.

From: Rocki ( I was born at the Willows on March 19, 1947, named Sandra Holby. My birth mother's name was Etheletta Holby, probably from Pa. Father was listed as 1st generation American Irish, a sgt. in the Marines at end of WWII. I've been looking for a long time, need to fill this black hole.

From: Meryl ( I am a Willows first mom. My son was born 5-3-68. We were reunited in 2-07 and are having a wonderful reunion. Being reunited has brought back so many memories good, bad! Thinking of you gals I was with at "The Willows" hope you have been reunited too. I would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time. Nance Chicago?? Sally Mo.?? old post from Sarah we must have been there together. I didn't know anyone used false names!! Wish everyone good luck.

From: Deborah M. ( Born at the Willows on 11/16/51; crib card and bracelet say my name was Rosemary; lab. slip says mother's name was Wanda Craig. Any information would be welcome. Thank you for maintaining this site!!

From: Barb F. ( My mother was born at The Willows October 9, 1939 and adopted by The Williams family in Parsons, Kansas. Searching for any clues. Thanks!

From: Jon R. ( Searching for information on birthparents and siblings on behalf of my dad, Van Robinson, born May 23, 1948 at the Willows. He was adopted by the Robinson's from IL. He was raised very well by his loving adoptive family and is truly thankful for their generosity and care. He was born with blond hair and blue eyes. His birth father evidently had red hair and was a Carpenter's Mate in the US Navy. Please contact me if you can be of any assistance. Thank you.

From: James ( Born at Willows 5/15/56 name at time of birth Stephen Swier name on lab report La Veta

From: Sue (B.) E. ( born at Willows -- August 15, 1952 birth name Lynn Baer ... birth mother name on lab slip Kay(e) My adopted brother and I just lost both parents (88 years old) in the past 5 months and found our documents in the safety deposit box. We'd be interested in knowing more or in connecting with people who might.

From: Judi W. ( Born 8-14-50, would like to make contact with anyone who might have information regarding adoption to couple in Iowa, September 1950.

From: Damon B. ( I am male and was born at the Willows on 10-3-1967. I think both of my birth parents were 21 when I was born. Would like more information.

From: Julie (W.) R. ( Baby Girl BORN 6/4/1963 at the Willows I was named Julie (possibly) Jones. My adopted parents loved and kept my first name. I would love to make contact with my birthmother in order to give her some peace, and to share the amazing things we have in common after reading my non-identifying information.

From: Diane R. ( Born Dec 22, 1943. Just wanted to update my email address. I would love to hear from any birthmoms who were at the willows around the date of my birth. Thanks Diane

From: David K. ( I was born at the Willows Feb 16, 1945. I believe my crib records have the name Peter Groenemeyer (or Gronemeyer) and show mother's name as Betty. However, not every girl used her real name. Any information would be useful.

From: Helping cousin to find Birth Mother ( Baby Girl - BRIGHT RED HAIR - Born at Willows Kansas City Missouri 6/15/46 BIRTH NAME WAS: Michelle GREIDINGER

From: David K. ( I was born Feb 16, 1945 at the Willows. My name was Peter Gronemeyer on my crib card and my mother's name was listed as Betty on her lab test slip. Anyone with information please contact me at the above web address.

From: Scott F. ( I'm trying to locate my dad's birth parents. He was born 12/17/1946, and his mother was 17, the father was 20. Can anyone tell me who the mother was from the story at the bottom of the home page? The baby's birth name was Frank.

From: Brad S. ( I was born at the Willows in May of 1964. Looking for birth parents. Mom was 16 might have went by the name Suzie Chamberlain.