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***Printable Application for a Missouri Birth Certificate***

Fill in whatever information you know excluding adoption information such as adopted name, etc. Simply put Willows as the hospital. Don't write Willows Maternity Sanitarium or Willows Sanitarium. Father's name list as unknown (unless you know it). As for the mother's name, if you have a first name, include it unless you think it might be fictitious, if no name leave it blank. If you don't know her last name or are unsure if it might be fictitious use the last name of birth child. Since the birth certificate was a legal document I believe the birthmother was required to use her legal last name. I could be wrong though. It's only my opinion. As for how this certified copy is to be used, answer Genealogy Research, etc., something to do with genealogy or filling in your family tree. If you are a relative of the person's birth certificate you are requesting, answer honestly. Again, DO NOT mention anything about adoption on the request. It doesn't hurt to try (although it will cost you $15). All these years we thought my Grandmother's original birth certificate was sealed but it was not! Also, in my opinion, it is best not to speak to anyone by phone. If you do get a phone call requesting more information, such as the father's name, be as vague as possible. Good luck.

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