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From: Nancy L. ( I'm in the process of researching and writing a historical account (possibly a small book) of The Willows. I would like to include Willows reunion stories in addition to birthmom memories while staying there. If anyone has additional information like articles, brochures, ANYTHING....please email at I am a reunited Willows adoptee with both birthmom and birthdad. Thanks. Nancy Lucas

From: S. ( birth on 10-16-1951 Birth mother was 16 and from New York.

From: Sally B. ( I'm a reunited Willows birthmom, writing this message to update my email address from the old guestbook. I would like to hear from anyone who was at The Willows from 3/58 to 7/58.

From: Shannon ( Baby Boy born 5/11/67 minutes from 5/10/67. Mom was 19 dad was 21. Father does not know of birth. Mom had long brown hair and blue eyes. She was in the Red Pepper Pep Squad. I have more info., please email me if any of this sounds about right. (I am the adoptee's wife)

From: Joe Bryan Z.: I was born at the willows March 1 1946 a boy child then adopted April 1 1946 by August and Eleanor Zollinger of Fort Wayne in 222 East Wildwood Ave. The adoption was finalized in December.

From: Jay E. ( I was born at the Willows, 2/21/47. Birth name Allen Stewart. Looking to talk with other bmothers who might have been at the Willows during the 3-months preceding my birth.


From: Jean B. ( My father was born at the Willows on 5/3/1926. All I have of his birth is his lab report, receipt that his adoptive parents paid $25.00 and a small description of his mother and father. Birth mother was 19, played and taught piano, father was 21 and was a farmer. Would like to know more.

From: Andrea ( BABY GIRL BORN 1-19-44 AT THE WILLOWS I was born at the Willows Sanitarium on January 19, 1944. I was adopted by a wonderful couple who so lovingly raised me, that though I grew up knowing I was adopted, I have never felt adopted. Over the years I was reminded of my adoption when answering medical questions. I would have to respond, "I don't know," when filling out certain forms asking about my family history. Also, when my children were born, I wondered if they might favor "my side of the family." My parents have both now passed away, and I recently rediscovered my adoption papers. In reading them, I became curious about The Willows, and wondered if they were still operating in Kansas City. I also wondered if my birth mother had ever desired to "find out" about me. She was sixteen when I was born, and I realize how remote the possibility is that she will read this, but in the event she does, and wonders whatever happened to the daughter she gave up so many years ago at The Willows, I am here. I also want to tell you what a blessing it was to read about The Willows, and to see the pictures. I appreciate your web site....Andrea

From: Kristin ( My mother was born at The Willows on July 19, 1919. Her birth name was Marion McFerrin. She was adopted and raised by Walter and Edna Lynn of Grundy Center, Ia. My mother is deceased. I was hoping to contact anyone who might be able to help me with information about my mother's birth parents. Her birth parents were both 18 years old at the time of her adoption. Her father completed a 2 year Pharmaceutical course.

From: Sheila B. G. ( I was born at the Willows 11/13/59 and would like so much to know my birth mother. I want to thank her for having me. I wonder so much about her. I was adopted by loving parents (Burke) and was raise in Tulsa, OK.

From: Sheila B. G. ( I tried to e-mail SUSANNE EASTMAN but her e-mail address has changed. I was born on the same day you were 11/13/59 at the Willows. Please contact me if you get the chance. I would like to see how you are doing in finding your birth mother.

From: Jean B. ( Am looking for the family of my father. Not looking to snoop or change their lives, just want to know where we came from. Father was born in 1926 and was adopted at 4 months to the Kloepper family. The name given to him was baby Dale. My grandfather talks of the family of Bell being of the biological father but we don't know that was true. Biological mother's name could have been Velta. Any help would be appreciated.


From: Marcia B. ( Have been searching for a brother born before me at The Willows around January 4, 1945. Our birth mother would have been Margaret Montgomery Havenner Northern. I found out recently that Margaret had eleven children, the first five through a marriage, then two miscarriages. The rest of the kids were placed for adoption. She had only the son before me at The Willows. I was born in 1946, another sister Carla Joiner whom I have found was born in 1947 and we have one more brother, still not located, born in Kansas in 1949, probably in Wyandotte County. Would give anything to find our brother born at The Willows. Let me know also of books or articles on the place - I found some in the Kansas City Star archives....Marcia Bernard

From: Charles G. C. ( Baby boy born on 7/11/57. Was adopted by Dan Mitchell Cockrum and Dorothy Joyce Mills Cockrum. Have been searching for my family history for many years. If any of this sounds familiar please email me.

From: Michael ( I am helping look for my fathers birthmother. His name at birth was BRUCE MILLER, BORN ON OCT. 12, 1949 at the Willows. We have a lab report with her possible name as ANNA BELLE. She was 17 at the time, blond hair and blue eyes. If anyone has information please email at

From: Constance W./K. ( I was born Constance Whitaker at The Willows on 2-2-45. Birth mother was 19 yrs.old, completed high school, and Father was 20 yrs.old, had 3 yrs of high school and 1 yr. Navy. I was adopted by Ed and Mary Nation on 3-19-45. If anyone has any info on searching please let me know. I would like to know my bio family.

From: Debby W. ( I am searching for my mother's half-brother that was born at the Willows on 1/20/53. His birth name was Ronald Lee Juedeman. His birth mother's last name was the same. He has a half-brother and half-sister looking for him!

From: Nancy ( born 1-20-50, searching for a while, named Maurine Rakow, mother played piano and father also musical, both 17 mother in high school, father in college. German, Danish and Irish. Not much to go on. Would like family history, one of my grandaughters died at 23 months and had juvenile arthritis, and one of my grandsons had a liver transplant at 5 months. I have always been healthy so have my 5 children, some family history would help.


From: Sandy S.: I am looking for my mom's Birth Mother. My mother was born on 11/6/38 in the Willows. There is a name of Jacquelin Bender which could be the birth mother's name. The guardian was Richard B. Kirwan. Does any one know anything about this? If you have any information, please leave a message in this guestbook.

From: Karen S. ( Hi, I am a birth mother searching for my birth daughter born at Christain Hospital Northwest in Florissant, Missouri on 1/22/75. Dr. Goldman, "Baby Girl Wilson" 'Wendy'. I was 15.

From: Mary E. D. ( Born 5/18/1948 at the Willows. Possible name of bmother is Bea Leatherman. My bname was Kathleen Leatherman. Looking for any information. Have an adopted brother born at Willows 12/14/1952.

From: John ( I am a male born 4/12/50 at The Willows. I was adopted within a couple of days of my birth. I would appreciate any info about my birth parents.

From: Elaine ( Hi everyone, MAY 1936 I am helping my dad find his birth family. He was born at the Willows May of 1936. His birth name was William Hall. Mother first name was Vada. GOD BLESS THIS SITE AS HIS WILL BE DONE.

From: Sally B. ( I'm a reunited Willows birth mother. I'm writing to update my email address from prior entries. Would like to hear from anyone who was at The Willows from 3/58 to 7/58.

From: Mary Anne ( Born at the Willows on 9/27/56. Adopted at about 3 weeks old. Birthname: Laura Macdonald ? Adoptive parents were told that I was part Cherokee.

From: John ( Willows baby born 4/27/63. For those adoptees searching, please don't forget to check for records in the State that your adoptive parents lived, not just MO. In many cases, records were dulpicated and filed in the adoptees state as well as in MO (home of the Willows). This is very inportant, especially if the adoptee's state has open records like Kansas. I found and I know others who have found their OPEN records becuase their adoptive parents lived in Kansas at the time of the adoption. In Kansas, the records are kept at the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services; Children and Family Services in Topeka. The last contact at # I have is Ms. Janet Kuntzsch, Office Specialist (785) 296-8133. The were very helpful. Good luck

From: Beverly Diane (B.) G. ( I was born at the Willows on June 2, 1948, one of triplets born to a young unwed girl. I have gone many many years with an emptyness inside. God willing, I wish to find my siblings and information about my birth parents. Please contact me if you were born on that day!

From: Michael ( My dad was born at the Willows Oct. 1949. His name at birth was Bruce Miller. I am trying to help him find his birth mother, her name shows up on a lab report as Anna Belle. If anyone was at the Willows at this time that might have information or remember her please contact at

From: Gloria G. F. ( I was born at the Willows on September 26, 1930. I was listed as Baby Myrl. (somewhere I thought that my name had been McLaughlin, but no documentation) My birth mother was 24, a school teacher and an artist. The father was listed as a farm boy and age 20. It was listed that I am Irish. Only this information was given to my (adopted) parents and I found it in the safety deposit box after they both died when I was 24 years old. I have searched as much as my money has allowed but to no avail. I am only wanting information as to medical or if there could be siblings. I can't believe that everyone in the world scream for rights and the Adoptee has none. You only want to find your missing link. Also it is such a shame that you are brought up by your adopted parents in their ethnic background which is unrelated to yours. If you know of anyone or any connection to my birth I would be so grateful.


From: Annette J. ( ISO Bmom - My name is Annette, AKA Baby Girl Markley. adopted lastname = Day... adopted firstname = Annette... bmom lastname = Markley... bmom DOB = 07-13-1944... birth lastname = Markley... birth firstname = Annette... adoptee gender = Female... adoptee DOB = 12-09-65... adoptee POB city = Washington... adoptee POB state = D.C.... hospital name = George Washington University... amended BC number = 65-27736... maternity home name = Florence Crittenden Home... Adoption type = Agency... agency name = Arlington County Social Services... agency city = Arlington... agency state = VA... court name = Circuit Court... court city = Smithfield... court county = Isle of Wight... court state = VA... decree date = 08-30-1967... case/file number = 42928... Comments = My mother was a 21 year old woman who had been on her own and away from her family since she was 14 years old. She had worked as a domestic in homes and as a waitress. Her parents were divorced when she was 4 years old. She was one of 10 children. She remained with her father and 4 siblings after the divorce. Her father married a woman who brought 12 children into the home. She managed to finish the 7th grade before leaving home because she could not get along with her step-mother. My mother was referred to the agency by the Florence Crittenden Home on June 15, 1965 for adoption planning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

From: Chris ( Looking for Bio-parents, born @ The Willows 06/25/66; b-mother was 19, & b-father 20. Would be interested in talking with anyone who stayed at the Willows during that time frame.

From: Nola G. ( I was born at the Willows 6/18/51 at 1:20 am. Birth mother age 22, height 5'9", Dietetic work. Danish-English extraction and birth father age 22, height 6' serving in Army, Scotch-English extraction. Have a wonderful life. Interested in medical history. Birthcard says Baby "Dolores". Adopted in Indiana.

From: Jeanine ( If you were a bmother at the Willows 6/1935 until 1/1936 and knew Clara Elizabeth Jacobson, I would like to hear from you. Clara died at the Willows 1/1936. She was from Young America, Indiana. My bname was Jeanine Jacobson.

From: Linda B. ( My mother (now deceased) was born at The Willows on May 4, 1918. She was adopted as a small infant by Ethel and Walter Fowble in Bartlesville, OK. Then at the age of 3 yrs, my mother was adopted by Mabel and Guy Belt after Ethel Fowble died. I am searching for anyone who knows how to obtain information in Missouri, even non-identifying. The only birth certificate in OK is a "delayed" birth certificate issued in the 1950's with erroneous information from the Belts. We have not been able to find adoption papers here in OK for either adoption. Any help or information will be appreciated.

From: Becky F. ( Looking for my friend's bmom. He was born at the Willows 8/1959, baby boy Drew was what they called him. I believe his mother's last name was Webb, first name possibly Cora. I have been working on this for about 7 years and I would sure take any help I can get. He was adopted to a family by the name of Huntsman and both parents have been dead for many years and it sure would be wonderful if he had some family out there. Any help please email me. Thank you so much.

From: Janet ( RE: Old guestbook "From: Tammy Ortwein ( I am seeking a brother or sister born at Willows either 1954 or 1955? Last name of biological mother is Rusert(Russert). Mother's first name Helen from St.Louis, Mo. Any information, PLEASE leave message at this site or e-mail." Tammy, I came across your posting and thought I should contact you. I was born Aug. 3rd 1955 at the Willows. My non-id info. from the state of MO indicates that my mother's name is Helen and she was not from Kansas City. I have a lot of additional info. but no last names. I am Female Caucasian, Irish at least two generations back. If any of this makes sense to you, please reach me at Janet

From: Diana K. ( Looking for a woman named Janette Stumpff who had a baby boy at the Willows in April of 1950.

From: Eric G. ( I am searching for a baby girl that may have been born at The Willows between 1955 and 1963. My Aunt has passed from a fatal heart and lung condition and did not leave many clues except that she was searching for you, we are still searching for more clues, but I know that the birthplace was in a place like The Willows and that it was in Kansas City or Topeka, KS. I know that the place started with a "W", and it seems very logical that my aunt would cross the state line to avoid persecution from her family. I know that the baby's Birth Name Was either Martha or Meredith and that My Aunt's name will be listed as Susan, Sue, or Janet. If anyone reads this and it sounds familiar, feel free to email me. I am now on a mission to find you, if for nothing else than to make you aware of medical conditions that may need treatment. We are hoping to find something about the birth-father plus a letter that was written, but never sent that my aunt told my mother about.


From: Chris H. ( Born at Willows on July 19, 1966. Curious.

From: Anne C. ( I was born at the willows on 9-25-54. My birth mothers name was marie olmstead or olmsted. I am looking for her or any family members.

From: Kim D.-H. ( I was born 8-6-68 - in Kansas City, Missouri - I received my Non-ID info. and have found out that my birthmother was 21 when she had me and gave me up - also, my birthfather was 21. My birthmother had 4 other sisters - twins - age 19, 26 year old divorced sister with a child, and a 9 year old little sister. She was of German, Belgium, Irish, English & some Cherokee Indian decent. Her father was a railroad worker for many years. My birthfather was of Irish & Italian decent - his parents were divorced and remarried with new families. He was in college and a ROTC program. My Birthmother had brown hair and blue eyes and my birth father had brown hair and brown eyes. I am in hopes that this rings a bell with someone and I would love to hear from them or anyone that might have some info. I am not wanting to mess up anyone's life, I would just like some answers and history. I also want to say thank you for giving me life and a chance at a better life.

From: Liz B. ( This is to update my e-mail address. My post is in the Old Guestbook. In search of birth family of my mother-in-law who was born April 18, 1918 at the Willows. Her mother's name was Marie KLINE and her birth name was Thelma Kline.

From: Darrell F. ( I was born on October 6, 1955 at the Willows. My birth name was Robin. I was 22 1/2 inchs long. I received a total blood transfusion within the first month, due to infantile diarrhea or possibly Rh factor incompatibility between my birth parents. I was adopted at 1 month of age. Unconfirmed information from my family indicates that my parents were between 16 and 18, received good grades in high school, supposedly baptist and sang in the choir. On a more personal note I have a very characteristic pale red discolorization similar to a rash but permanent which is located on portions of my right arm, chest and face. If you have any information about birth parents, mother or father, please e-mail.

From: Mary M. M. W. ( Born at the Willows 2-16-44..Think my birth mothers name was Morilla E Brown. She was 14 when I was born...Anxious to hear anything about her....

From: Noazark ( I am desperately seeking information about my father's adoption at The Willows. He was born 1-17-34 with the name Baby "Eugene" I believe at least his mothers last name was Ellison and her first name was Grace. I would appreciate ANY leads on this as there are health concerns involved.

From: Connie m. O. ( I was born 4-24-1941. Birth mother 22 seamstress, father 28 welder. Both of german decent. Curious about medical back ground. I was adopted @6 WEEKS. Crib card said baby Constance.

From: Dennis C. ( I was born at the Willows on Dec 7, 1951..birth name Ronald Roberts. would love to know who my Mother was. I was adopted in Feb 1953 by Leslie and Hettie Cornelsen and moved to Wichita Ks. If anyone has any information regarding my Birth Mother it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

From: Cathie ( I birthed a Jewish son at the Willows on February 28, 1966. I know his adoption papers were signed in the Jackson County Court on March 6, 1966. His crib name was Steven. Any information would be helpful.

From: Suzanne ( I was born at the Willows July 12, 1966. All the papers I have identify me as Darlene. I was given to my adoptive parents at 6 weeks old. I am looking for my Birth mother and family.

From: Shannon ( I am trying to find any information about my mother's birth parents. She was born 04/20/45 at the Willows. I am told her birth name was Harriet Ashworth. I believe she was adopted in May 1945. Please e-mail with any info.

From: Michael L. S. ( I was born April 14, 1948 possible my mothers name is Judy. My birth name on my certificate was Lee Hitchcock. I was 6lbs 11 oz, my mother is of English-German, my father is Irish. If any one was at the Willows during this time and remembers my mother please contact me.

From: Lisa ( Searching for birthmom of my mother. DOB 10-8-35, KCMO. Feel confident she was born at The Willows - birth cert has Dr. DT VanDel as physician, no info on birthparents. Adoptive parents listed on cert. I have heard that she was named Beverly either by the hospital or her birthmom. Later changed to Judith. Adopted in Jan or Feb 1936 so she was at the Willows for several months. Any info would be appreciated. Looking only for medical information. Mom died of breast cancer in 1999.

From: Thomas ( The name that appears on my birth certificate as my attending doctor was Dr.RA Slickman. My indicated date of birth is June 16,1965. I am most likely Bi-racial so they probably couldn't adopt me out easily. I would really like to meet my birth parents, my adopted ones are deceased now and I feel a little alone. Any help would be much appreciated. I don't know if I was born at the Willows or not but I suspect I was. Thanks------Tommy

From: Janet V. M. ( My son was born 2/11/66 at the Willows. There's never been a birthday that I haven't remembered him. I pray that he has had a good life and would like to find him someday. Thank you for this website. It is wonderful!

From: Alan C. M. ( I was born at the WILLOWS: Jan 8, 1945. I was born PATRICK DYKMAN. The Lab report lists my Mom's name as Dora. The Dr was Dr D.T.Van Del. My birth Mom is described at 5ft 7in, med brown hair, hazel eyes. High school graduate. Defense Government worker, American of Dutch extraction. My Dad is described as 5ft 8in: black hair and blue eyes. High school graduate, Government defense worker. American of English extraction. My Dad was 28 yrs old, my Mom 19 yrs old at my birth. My Mom entered the WILLOWS in Oct 1944. Wish any information on my birth parents and thank them for giving me life. I was adopted in Feb 7, 1945 to two loving adoptive parents who have since both deceased. Thank you for this site and hope that I will hear something soon.

From: Ellen A. ( I was born Sept. 11th, 1948 at the Willows. Seeking any information regarding my birth family. Birth Mom name Edna, 34 years old at the time of my birth. Please e-mail or write

From: Tom ( Thanks to a kind person that gave me some important information, I discovered that Jackson County Family Court had some rather good non-identifying information on my birth mother. She was 19 when she gave birth to me at the Willows on June 16th, 1965. She is of German heritage. My father was a veterinarian assistant, brown curly hair, 27 years old at my birth. No information on his nationality was in the file. I got all this information and more from Jackson County Family Court. It cost $50 and took a week to get but was worth it. Rosalee Schottel is the point of contact(816)435-4788 is her number. I hope this is a help to someone out there.

From: Scott M. ( Tips for those searching: 1. 1930 census records are now available to the public. You may access the soundex database at your local library. Another option is to visit where for a small monthly fee it is possible to view actual census taker's forms from 1930. 2. Non-identifying Information or Social History is very helpful to have. Though most of it is blanked out, other information about hobbies, interests, and activities can be extremely telling. 3. Jackson County Juvenile Court and the State of Missouri allows an adoptee to attempt to contact their birhtparents provided certain criteria are met. a.Only the adoptee, at least 18 yrs. old, can initiate the search. b.The adoptive parents must sign a notarized consent form allowing the adoptee and the court to begin the search (No matter how old you are, you still need your parents O.K.) If one or both of your parents are deceased, a copy of their death certificate is required. c.The attempted contact must be handled through a court approved third party search agent. d.Both birth parents will be traced by the search agent and contact will be attempted. e.reunion is possible only if the following conditions are met... -birthmother agrees -birthfather agrees or -birthmother agrees -birthfather can't be located or -birthmother agress -birthfather denies he is the father (court isn't set up to prove paternity) If either parent does not agree then reunion through the court is not possible. 4. Registering with the International Soundex Reunion Registry ( can still yield a reunion.

From: John: I have posted this information before, but it is always good to post again. For those who are searching, also check into the state where your adoptive parents were living at the time of your adoption, especially if its in an open records state. Like many, I got my "non-identifying" information from Missouri, then I contacted Kansas since my adopted parents lived in Kansas at the time of my adoption. Kansas had the same records as as Missouri, except it didn't have any "blacked" out data - it was all there to read. Apparenlty, at least in my case, the final adoption was tranferred to the local county of the adoptive parents which was in Kansas. The Kansas information provided me with a name and I was able to find my birth mother within a week. In Kansas, contact: Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Children and Family Services Docking State Office Building 915 SW Harrison 5th Floor South Topeka, KS 66612 (785) 296-8133 Fax (785) 296-4649 They were very nice and helpful. Good luck

From: Tim R. ( I was born on December 7, 1961 to a 20 year old with brown hair, brown eyes, and a love of books and anthropology. She came to the Willows on November 12, 1961. I would like to establish contact with her, if possible, and would appreciate any information. Thank you in advance!

From: John S. ( My birth name was David Bolinger, born 10/10/68. Interested in making contact with birth parents.

From: Kay T. (Jeannie W., aka) ( I am a 4-1-1958 birthmom and eternally grateful that my birth daughter found me but perpetually sad to know I have flesh and blood out there that could care less for me. I was a 17 year old at that time and was not mature enough to make that kind of decision to let her go. Since our union my life has been totally saddened that she is not with her birth dad and sibblings today. You see, we married after the fact and she has 2 sisters and 2 brothers, that adore her!

From: Paul K. ( I am searching for birth information on my deceased father. He was born at The Willows 2/1/1930 as Hershel King. He was adopted Feb 21st, 1930 and named Hershel Kuykendall. If anyone has had any success in their searches from this time period, I would welcome any ideas.

From: Barb ( My mother was born 10/9/39 in KC, MO and adopted within a couple of days by the Williams family and brought to Parsons. I would love to find birth parents but since records were destroyed I have no idea how. I appreciate any suggestions!

From: Mary Lynn S. (Y.) ( I was born at The Willows on Sept. 22, 1936. I would love to hear from anyone who was born or delivered there around that time! I left a message a couple of years ago and discovered today that the EMail address was wrong! Sooooo am trying again. I live close to Kansas City and was interested in learning that nearly every heat record was set the summer of '36!!!

From: tom b. ( I was born in the willows on jan 25, 1953. my mother was about 15 years old.

From: Linda S. ( I am a birthmom searching for my daughter, Christie, born 3/3/67. She was blond with blue eyes. Her adoptive father was a lawyer. Her new parents adopted another child from the Willows a few years previously.

From: Jane Y. ( I was born at The Willows 11/24/42. My mother was from New York; background in music / 5'1" tall, and my father was 5'6'' and an insurance salesman. I am part Jewish / Irish. Because both of my adoptive parents have passed away, I would like to connect to my biological mother, if possible. I was adopted by a wonderful couple from Paw Paw, Illinois, who had adopted another baby 2 1/2 years prior to my adoption, also from The Willows. Are you out there?

From: Carolyn N. ( I was born November 18, 1936 at the willows, I believe, by Ruth and Bill Noble of Cleveland, Ohio. I know only that my mother was 19 and Scottish and my father was 23 and German. I wish I knew more and so do my four daughters. added later: The way I signed the guestbook is in error. I meant to say I was born at the willows november 18, 1936, adopted by ruth and bill noble on December 13, l936. I would love any information.

From: Stacey C. ( I am looking for a BOY child born at The Willows in late 1939 or early 1940. This child's birth parents were Dale LeRoy Calhoon and Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Coulter. Both were approximately 22 years old. Bessie was an employed school teacher, and Dale was a traveling sign painter (he also worked in the "mill" in Topeka, Kansas). I have an original document from The Willows asking Dale for financial support dated October 27, 1939. Please, please, if any of this rings a bell with anyone out there contact me!

From: Mary Ellen ( I was born Monica Grebas (Lithuanian decent) on 6-9-54 at the Willows. My birthmother was listed as Christine Grebas, 31. My father was also 31 and of German decent. My adoptive father died this last summer and I wonder if my biological parents are still living. Any information would be appreciated.

From: David G. ( Adoptee born 6/14/65 at the Willows. Any information would be helpful. Looking for birth parents but don't want to intrude.

From: David P. K. ( I was born at the Willows Feb 16, 1945. Mother on records listed as "Betty." My name on original adoption decree is "Peter Gronemeyer." The parental history card from the Willows says my bmother was 20 yrs old, 150#, 5"6" and bfather was 22 yrs old, 175#, 6'2", then in the Navy. Accompanying letter says bfather's father was a Navy officer, bmother was Protestant and bfather was Catholic. Bmother's father was a salesman and she had 2 brothers. Bfather had a sister. Anyone with any information please contact me by email, address above.

From: Carol S. ( I was born on 5-13-54. I believe at The Willows because I've got a Laboratory Report from the Sackett Laboratory with my name penciled in the upper left corner. The patient's name was Mary Ruth and it's dated 2-17-54. Not sure why it's nearly a year after my birth....MD was Robert F. Lamar.

From: Carol A. W. ( I find your historical background on the Willows very interesting and enlightening. I was born there on Aug. 15, 1946. I have a great deal of information that my MOTHER kept for me. Letters that she wrote, my adoption through the Juvenile Court, my paper signed probably by my birth mother with the name (Malanda) written on it. My feet prints are on the back. The name listed on the Court records was Melinda Falquette. My birth parents were part of a horse troupe. I have always loved horses and was raised on a small farm. I have a 5 acre farm today with chickens, cats, 2 chihuahua dogs, and a horse. I recently retired from teaching after 34 years. Although I have no desire to reunite with my birth parents, I have always hoped they would some how know that I really appreciate my birth mother giving me a chance for such a great life. My mother and father were truly wonderful and gave both me and my sister (who was adopted a few years later also from the Willows -1952) a very stable and loving home and every opportunity to succeed in life. My father passed away in 1970 and my mother 2001. Reading the letters that my mother wrote to the Willows and the resulting correspondence from them has only reaffirmed my knowledge that it must truly have been a GOD SEND for everyone concerned!!! My mother explained that I was adopted as soon as I was able to understand what that meant. I would like to say Thank You to the Willows for the great service they provided and Thank You to my birth mother for having the courage to do the RIGHT thing for her child. I would hope she would never feel any guilt, as I only feel thankfulness to her for giving me a chance to have a loving home, and I also hope that she was able to continue her life and find fulfillment!!! Also, having taught for 34 years, I have seen the trend for so many teenage girls to keep their babies and if my words could encourage at least a few to consider adoption, I would feel I too am able to help others both birth mothers and children and parents who have not been able to have biological children to have a more complete lives. I suppose Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were the role models for my generation and they certainly set a wonderful example for us. Well, I probably have written enough - maybe too much, but if it helps one person feel better about their decision, then it has been successful. Sincerely, Carol A. Wilburn

From: Heather T. ( My mother was born around 5/1/52 at Willows. Her adoptive parents have passed but were cruel and in thier life times destroyed all evidence they could. My mother has given up hope but I cant. My mom have green eyes and ash blonde hair. All of her daughters have had premature labor problems and most with early hysterectomies. There may have been possible autism in the family. We are all in the medical field or love caring for animals, I believe this may be a family trait. Her parents were in WI and were rich. she was always told she was adoptive and her adpotive mother told her she was never wanted, there was alot of abuse. I just want my mom to know something more than the cruel calusness she was raised with. Thank you.

From: Kelli P. ( Baby boy named Robert Davis born 3-9-45. Birth mother's name was Lena, 20 yrs, 5 ft. 5 inch, brown curly hair, brown eyes. Father was 23 yrs, 6 ft., brown hair, blue eyes, Navy, studied engineering. I am the adoptee's daughter.

From: Jazz ( I am trying to find my brother's birth mom / dad. He was born at the Willows on Aug 20, 1967. His mother was 17 and was musical, played the organ in church. His crib name was Roger. He was placed with us at 3 months because he had to have surgery for a hernia before he was placed. Please, if you know anything, respond. He has some health problems and we would like any health background information. I love him very, very much and want to help him find his birth family.

From: Andrea ( BABY GIRL BORN 1-19-44 AT THE WILLOWS I wanted to update this entry because of a change of e-mail: New email is listed above, Thanks! I was born at the Willows Sanitarium on January 19, 1944. I was adopted by a wonderful couple who so lovingly raised me, that though I grew up knowing I was adopted, I have never felt adopted. Over the years I was reminded of my adoption when answering medical questions. I would have to respond, "I don't know," when filling out certain forms asking about my family history. Also, when my children were born, I wondered if they might favor "my side of the family." My parents have both now passed away, and I recently rediscovered my adoption papers. In reading them, I became curious about The Willows, and wondered if they were still operating in Kansas City. I also wondered if my birth mother had ever desired to "find out" about me. She was sixteen when I was born, and I realize how remote the possibility is that she will read this, but in the event she does, and wonders whatever happened to the daughter she gave up so many years ago at The Willows, I am here. I also want to tell you what a blessing it was to read about The Willows,and to see the pictures. I appreciate your web site. Andrea

From: Courtney ( Helping my birthmother(for I was adopted too) search for her birthparents. She was born 5/3/1952 at the Willows Home. Her given name was Stephanie Kuykendall. Her birthmom was from the East coast.

From: Lori W. J. ( I am searching for my father's birth parents. He was born at the Willows August 10, 1947 at 11:30 am. His birth name was Phillip Willm. I don't know if Willm was his bmother's last name or bfather's. Her name is listed as Patricia on lab report. She was 19 at the time of birth, and studied piano for 6 years. He was 18 and was an excellent figure skater. My dad's adopted name was Gaylord Lynn Wright. Wanting medical information for myself and my sons as my dad passed away when I was young. If this sounds familiar, I don't want to upset anyones life, just want info. Thanks for all the information about the Willows, it has made me feel closer to him just finding this info.

From: Milly A. ( Just looking for information about my history and feeling so frustrated that adoptees have no rights. I was born at The Willows November 26, 1960. I have gone through the Jackson County Circuit Court to obtain non-ID records and to request contact with my birth mother. She has denied my request 3 times now. I am trying once again, and will continue to, despite the court worker who is teling me to quit looking. As far as I know, I have the right to request contact every three years and the court doesn't need to question my decision. How can a woman give birth to a child and not want to know anything about her? Sorry, just venting my frustration.

From: ellen a. ( Does anyone have knowledge about the Fairmont Maternity Home? I was born at the Willows, however a friend of mine is interested in the history or any info on the Fairmont where she was born

From: Ellen M. ( I was born at the Willows in 1950 and I am searching for my birthmother. My birthdate is 5/14/50.

From: Beth H. ( My mom had a baby girl at the Willows. We want to find "Roxanne". She was born April 1952.

From: Melissa M.( Seeking birthparents for my mother-in-law born 5/19/1939. Adoptive parents from WI, birth mother from WI. BM 15 years old, BF 17 years old. Born Baby Phyllis St. John. If you have any information, please email. Thank you

From: A W. ( My husband was born 3/19/50 at the Willows. His mother was 19, had two years of high school, was musically talented, 7 yrs piano lessions and 1.1/2 yrs vocal lessons. His father was 33, single, had two years of college, army, then worked for his father who owned a large corporation. My husbands name reads "Clyde Bale" on his adoption papers, and there was lab work done at The Sackett Lab which shows the patient to be "Doris, the Willows". I am assuming this was his mothers first name, therefore making her full name Doris Bale. If anyone has any informaiton, please contact me.

From: Elaine: I was born at the Willows 6/41. Adopted in July. I can only say that I'm very grateful that the Willows existed at that time so my true Parents could find me. I also am so very grateful to my b-mom for having the courage to "give me away" certainly could not have been an easy thing to do...having children of my own, I can only imagine what went through her mind at the time. I must comment on the fact that I never felt the need to 'find my birth parents'. My parents, My family (including the extended families)were my true family. I always figured that my b-mom had her reasons for/having to give me up & possibly at that point in time my b-dad never new that I even existed. For those of you who never 'felt whole' I must say I am sorry you never knew the true meaning of a family.

From: Kevin K. ( I was born at the Willows on 8/24/68 at 1:22pm. I am in search of my birthparents. I have the non-ID info but have yet to do a search. Birthmom was 20 and birthfather was 30 at the time.

From: Keith L. J. ( Found my birth family about 6 years ago after many years of "difficulties" with the State of Missouri and Jackson County. The reunion has brought me peace and healed the hurt of the separation. Had lunch with my birth mom and sister at Applebee's yesterday. We talk on the phone all the time and see each other frequently. It has been a great reunion. As far as I am concerned, I am not the "@#%$!" the State of Missouri, and Jackson County are the real @#%$!! If there is a Hell, I hope the people keeping the records sealed get to see it up close someday! Keith

From: Thomas D. ( My name is Tommy or at least that is what I insisted on being call when I was little. My adopted parents tried to call me Frederick Jr. but I had already decided my name was Tommy, so we compromised and settled on Thomas. I have known for as long as I can remember that I was adopted but I was told that I was not to talk about it at a very young age, so I kept inside of me a secret that I could not share with anyone. The agency did a remarkable job placing me and it was a tall order, I'm bi-racial and in 1965 that had to be tough. I can easily be mistaken for white and most people are supprised to find out that I consider myself to be African-American. When I was young I would sit out on the front porch and imagine that my mother, my "First"mother was somewhere thinking about me. Thunderstorms always trigger this longing, maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't. So all my life I played the game until last year in a period of extreme depression, I just couldn't play anymore. I then learned that my sister to was adopted too, she had asked my father before his death about being adopted and he denied it although his brother filled us in on all the details he knew. So now that my nasty secret was out of the closet I decided that maybe I should try and find my mom. Thank God for the internet. The only clue I had was the name of the doctor on my birth certificate. R.A. Slickman. I figured that they wouldn't have had any reason to change that and I was right. An interesting side note, when I was a youngster Dr. Slickman was still listed in the phone book and I almost called him. But I figured he wouldn't help me so I chickened out. Little did I know that his name would start me down a road that would bring me closer than ever to finding my mother. I entered his name in Google and discovered he was a staff doctor at a maternity home called the Willows. I was on the right trail. I found a lot of information on the Willows including this messege board where I discovered that I could request my non-identifying information, and thats what I did. Keep in mind at this time in my life, 37 years old, I didn't have a clue even what race I was, what city I was born in, nothing! Then the day finally arrive for me to picks up my white-out redacted copies and my whole image of "ME" changed. I disovered I was mixed race(a supprise to the dear lady at records department who thought they had made a mistake placing me with a black family) My mother was a 19 year old young lady of German heritage from a broken home that lived with her mother and step father. She was described as artistic(that explains where my daughter gets her talent) Ironic that I was stationed in Germany for a number of years in the Army and I felt and looked as if I was at home, my daughter was even born in Germany. We used to tease her and tell her she was really a German, little did I know how close to home that hit. My dad was a 27 year old black man who worked for a vet. They met because of a sick cat that she found in her back yard, he help her with the cat and a little more dare I say. At first they considered marriage but the reality of inter-racial marriage in the 60's set in and instead they broke up. She was about to move in with a friend when her Dad showed up and talked her into going to the Willows to have me. The rest is history. I would love to meet my parent, my adopted ones have now both passed away and I feel a little lonely. I plan on doing a reunion search but I worry that my mom won't want to let a secret like me out. I don't know maybe when its raining and the thunder is rolling she really is thinking about me, I hope so. Thats my story about the Willows, it made me feel better to write this down. Who knows, maybe my mom will read this and reach out to me. She has some really wonderful grandchildren that I think anyone would be proud of and I didn't turn out too shabby either. Thanks for your web site, It has been a pleasure sharing my story with you. Thomas A. Diggs d.o.b. June 16th 1965


From: Nancy ( Am available for my son born at the Willows the first week of April 1966.

From: Barbee (Makepeace) A. ( Hello, Both of my parents(Adopted) are dead now. They started late in life to have a family. Because of my daughters insistance for medical information, I just discoved that I was born at "The Willows" August 11th, 1942. It was actually a very nice feeling to see a picture of a place. A very good feeling. Still don't know who my birth parents were but I do have a description of what they looked like. If I can believe it. Afterall they did burn the records that I would want in 1969. Thank you for having this site...

From: Ellen A. ( Hello everyone---- I was born 9-11-48 at the Willows. I have completed the search for my birth family. Please write to me anytime. I had good luck in the search for my birth family. Today I acually spoke on the phone to my birth mom's twin sister, who was visiting my mom at the time of my birth at the Willows. My aunt saw me at that time, when I was a new- born. Since both birth parents would be 90 yrs old at this time, and are deceased, I am so blessed to be re-uniting with family. Good luck and best wishes to all. Ellen

From: Joan ( I was born at the Willows on July 9, 1951. I am told I was wearing a bracelet that said "Wyatt" on it when my adoptive parents named Murphy picked me up. Would like to know any information on anyone in birth family. Am told that both mother and father were still in high school. Families were both Irish Catholic except my grandmother on my father's side was 1/4 Hungarian.

From: Joy ( I was born at the Willows on 12-05-55 to an Irish/Catholic woman named "Patricia". My name was Colleen, I'm told. I was very sick when adopted at the end of December. I'd appreciate any info on birth parents please.

From: Connie H. ( I am a birth mother searching for my son born at the Willows, 6-29-68. His birth name was Bruce. Adopted father was Systems Analyst and adopted mother a former teacher. Am updating my email as I registered in old guest book. Think of my son always.

From: Mary ( I was born at the Willow in 1948. Last year I located both birth parents, and have had a good reunion with birth father and sibling. Birth mother refuses contact, but have contact with two of her sisters, my aunts, and they are giving me family history and pictures. Please keep faith and contiue your searches.

From: Betty Fulton A. ( I was born at the Willows on January 15, 1928, with red hair and blue eyes, weighing 7 lbs. My birth mother was from the area of Holton, Jackson county, KS where she was a secretary for the law firm of Fairchild and Fulton. I was adopted at 2 weeks by Hamilton and Opal Wells Fulton. Hamilton Fulton was probably my birth father. Please feel free to contact me. I do have a Name but no reunion yet God bless all in their search.

From: Melanie M. ( Born 2-6-64 as Cheryl Taggart. Updating my e-mail from the old guestbook. Born 2-6-64 at the Willows (possibly delivered across the street at St. Mary's) as Cheryl Taggart. So thankful to have been raised by wonderful parents, but curious about my birth parents if it can be done without intruding on their lives. Just want to say thanks for giving me the chance to have such a great life.

From: Susan S. ( My mother (now 91) was born at The Willows March 2, 1913 to Anna Lenora Freude who gave her the name of Leanna. My mother was adopted by Albert and Marcia Brandt. Marcia gave my mother the name of Lois Victorene. I am seeking information about my grandmother.

From: Allen D. ( Born at the Willows July 23, 1961 to a 16 y.o. girl and adopted in mid-September of 1961. I am looking for my birth mother to find out who I look like, who I take after. Curiosity is an issue, as well as medical information. Was called "Charles" before adoption. Would love to contact birth mother.

From: Jane H. ( My mother was born at the Willows in 1919, her birth name was Florentina Grant and her attendant's name was John W. Kepner. There is information at the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jackson County in Book 9 page 250. Would like to know what information this is, and if we would be able to look at it. If anyone can help please email me at Jane...................

From: Carol Barber K. H. ( I was born at the Willows on May 11,1947. Have been searching all the sites about the Willows.

From: Mary D. ( We have started a group for those touched by the Willows. Please contact me at the above address if you would like an invitation to the group, giving your name, your e-mail address, and how you have been touched by adoption. We look forward to hearing from you! Mary D.

From: Baby boy Robbie ( Born Willows 5/16/61 Bmom last name possibly Campbell. Looking for siblings and medical. Any info appreciated.

From: Madge Marie M. G. ( I was thrilled today to discover this site. I have searched so long and so hard for information on my heritage and family members. I was born Jan. 8, 1934 at the Willows. I was named Mae Lee by my birthmom, Doris Lee. Please contact me with any information.

From: Eugenia S. ( Birth Name Meredith Borror, March 6, 1947 Birth mother: Elizabeth Ann Borror Any other information welcome.

From: Thomas D.: update: This is to add to my previous posting. Male born June 16th, 1965 at The Willows. Possible names:"Lammers" or "Cox" Would like to meet birth-mother & father or siblings.

From: Cam H. ( I was born at the Willows in August 1960. I found my birth mother in 1998. If you would like info on how I used their code of silence against them to find my mother, e-mail me at After months of disappointment, I found her in less than 30 days and it was soooo easy!!!! Good luck to all of you and God Bless. Cam Hendry

From: Lia ( My grandmother was born at the Willows on May 5th, 1923. She was named Louise Goodrich by her birth mother. I have no other information other than this about the birth family. She was adopted by a dentist and his wife from Mt. Hope, Kansas with the last name Allen. This is my needle in a haystack, I guess.

From: Craig M. ( I was born at the Willows on June 28, 1944. My birth name was Michael Overmire. I believe my mother was 20 years of age at the time of my birth. I would appreciate receiving any information that anyone might have related to my birth parents and adoption. Thank you.

From: Michael M. ( I was born at the willows 1-22-68 I am searching for my birthmother and any information I can find.

From: Robert Craig H. ( Born @ Willows October 8, 1946. Bmother 18 years ,Bfather 16 years. I've always enjoyed good health (farm boy, wonderful adoptive parents). Interested in just saying hello.