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From: Martha ( Hello. I am doing this entry on behalf of my husband. He was born at The Willows in August 1959 and given the birthname NORMAN BELKNAP. He was adopted when he was a couple of months old by a family with the last name White and grew up in Minnesota before moving on. We now live in California and have two lovely daughters. If anyone out there has any information as to this time period at The Willows or have any information regarding "Norman Belknap", we would be forever greatful to hear from you. There is and will always be a sadness and emptiness in my husband and I know that even though he won't dwell on it, finding out where he came from would heal that wound. He is a great husband and father and it would be the best gift we could ever give him. Thank you so much for this website, it's the closest we've ever gotten to where he came from and will keep checking back for any new information..

From: Roger V. ( Born at The Willows April 17, 1945 7:50 pm as Clark Cross. Would like to contact birth mother for medical history.

From: Jan G. ( I found my son that was born @ the Willows Oct 1966. It has been wonderful. I was able to find him because of a person that was adopted from the Willows, who has the resource to find either the birth mother or child. There was not an expense to this and it was amazing how after all these years of searching, that just getting to the right resource made all the difference. If anyone wants to know how to find their birth child or birth mother, please send me an e-mail and I will put you in touch with the right person. I would also like to talk to any of the mothers who were at the Willows (especially in the 60s) to see what they remember as we are writing a book about finding our son and the Willows. Thanks and God Bless... Jan G.

From: Dave ( I was born at the Willows on June 28, 1960. Based on what I have gathered from limited records provided by my parents, my birth name was Timothy Reynolds. I believe my birth mother's name was Ruth Reynolds. I am trying to track down information on birth parents and/or other family members. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You.

From: Gloria G. F. ( I was born at Willows 9/26/1930 any inquiries to anyone born on that date? Birth Mother was school teacher, artist age 23 or so. Father farmer.

From: Kathy D. ( I have information regarding baby boy Todd born March 3, 1964 at the Willows. Please contact at email above if this is you or you know male born this date.

From: Stacey C. ( I am looking for a BOY child born at The Willows in late 1939 or early 1940. This child's birth parents were Dale LeRoy Calhoon and Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Coulter. Both were approximately 22 years old. Bessie was an employed school teacher, and Dale was a traveling sign painter (he also worked in the "mill" in Topeka, Kansas). I have an original document from The Willows asking Dale for financial support dated October 27, 1939. Please, please, if any of this rings a bell with anyone out there contact me!

From: B Roller ( My husband and I adopted two boys that were born at The Willows. The first one was born 8-15-62 was born with the name Kevin. He was very ill for a time after his birth and was under a doctor's care until they felt he was able to be dismissed from the home. The second one was born 3-2-65 and was William while at the Willows. They were both 2 and 3 months old when we were proudly able to bring them into our home. We have been blessed so much to have them all these years....along with their little sister who was born 6-27-70 and was adopted through another agency. I would very much like to "meet" the mothers of these two boys and thank them for their brave decision to give us our boys. If there are any other adoptees or mothers who were in the Willows about the times of our boys birth, I would very much like to hear from you. Thanks so much for this site........good luck to you all. God Bless you greatly.

From: Lori B. ( I have been searching for my mother's birth mother for over a year now. My mother was born at The Willows on March 12, 1927 and was named Nelle Freeman. I have original correspondence from The Willows to my adoptive grandparents in 1926 and 1927 including the original data card about my mother who was named Nelle and the description of her parentage -- of course no names within but there are some clues as to go on as to the profession of the birth mother's father. Pinned (as in straight pin) to the receipts of payment to The Willows is the pathological lab report of Nelle's mother, Marree, that her Wassermann Test was negative. In 1931, my adoptive grandmother wrote to The Willows asking for my mother's parents names. We suspect she did so because she found out she had a heart condition and she was dying. The Willows wrote back that they could not do so. I do have a the birth certificate for my mother that says she was born Nelle Freeman. The father is blank but the mother's name is Marree Freeman. Your updated story on Martha Seberger has given me hope that I too can find Marree/Marie/Mary Freeman. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE POSTING. I hope to write back one day that I have found her.

From: S.E. Cook ( I have been trying to find my Mother's birth family for years. Every once in a while I check the Internet again and this time I found this great site. My Mother was born 12/12/1923 at the Willows. Her birth name was Bonnelle Stimpson or Stimson. I have a copy of her "birth certificate" which she found in her adopted Mother's attic after she died. There is little information on the document. My Mother was adopted by a couple from Grundy Center, Iowa named Morrison. I would dearly love to find her birth family as I'm very interested in genealogy and would like to know who the real other half of my family is. Should this ring any bells, please contact me. My Mother is in her 80's now and has no desire to know who her birth family is/was. One note. When my Mom was traveling back in the '60's...a man approached her in the St. Louis airport and asked if she was so and so. She has always regretted that she didn't pursue that inquiry because it might have been a key to her heritage.

From: Amy G. ( I am looking for information on my grandfather's birth family. He was born in Kansas City, MO March 17,1914. His baptism records at Immanuel Lutheran Chruch in Kansas City show a baptismal date of March 18 with his name listed as Lavern Smith and show his mother as Amanda Einspahr Smith. "The Willows" is also listed on the baptism records, so we believe he was born at the Willows Maternity Sanitorium. We do have a copy of his reliquishment to the German Evangelical Lutheran Orphan's Home Society of Nebraska, dated March 24th, 1914. Oddly this appears to be notarized & signed in Jackson Co. MO instead of Nebraska as would have been customary. He was adopted by Charles & Luella Bethke of Nebraska when he was somewhere between 18 months to 3 years old. At that time he was named Rueben Lavern Bethke. The strange thing is he was never able to find record of his adoption in Nebraska when he was an adult. His adoptive parents never meant to tell him he was adopted, so they never wanted to discuss details....he only found out by accident when he overheard his adoptive father & an uncle discussing it. While I have some specific information from reliable sources, the only actual document I have is the Relinquishment form. Is there anyone who would have additional information on Amanda Einspahr Smith....perhaps just Amanda Einspahr with the Smith as an alias?

From: Kathryn T. H. ( Was born October 13, 1942 at Willows. Was adopted on Dec. 11. 1942 and moved to Wichita, KS. Birth mother was 19, blonde, blue-eyed and from a rural town in Missouri. My birth name was Phyllis Crisp. I would like to find any information about birth parents. Particularly interested in medical history and of course background. Hoping to receive some information.

From: Tracy ( My mother may have been born at the Willows in 1935. This has been a mystery in itself, due to the stigma of that time, and my mother has much sadness because of not knowing who her father was. What I'm not clear on is it appears that the Willows was strictly for adoption, although I'm very certain that my grandmother was my mom's biological mother; she was unwed, and a nurse, at the time of my mother's birth. My grandmother had a second cousin (she is now 104)who may have adopted my mother, then when my grandmother got married she was given back. I am just now starting to try to find information to help provide some "closure" for my mother. By using the word closure I do not mean any disrespect to anyone or their feelings. I found this website and it has provided me some ideas to pursue information to help my mother. Thank you.

From: Susan( Looking for my bio family. Girl born 8-5-1967. Also have brother adopted from Willows born 8-4-1965. Would be nice to have some connection to where I came from. Any other Moms who were at The Willows at the time can email me as well. Birth name was Toni (blond, blue eyes, girl) Information regarding mom is she was student at KU, and didn't want to give me up. Searching.....

From: vicky d. ( My father was born at the Willows in 1922. I have a copy of his original birth certificate as well as the adoption papers. Does anyone know if the mother's name listed on the birth certificate is her true name or is it possible it is fictitious.

From: Julie M. ( I am looking to know who my birthfather is. I learned the identity of my birthmother (from her obituary) but also have had the joy of contacting a sister I never knew I had.....we have alot in common and plan to meet the end of the summer. My birthmother evidently didn't even tell her 4 older siblings about me on advice from her parents....everyone felt shame. I have some non identifying info about my birthfather but don't know if my birthmother falsified it in any wouldn't surprise me. Anyways, what I'm hoping and praying to know is....are there any birthmothers out there who were at the Willows between October-December, 1952 that would remember a 20 year old girl who went by the name of Lucille? she had thick wavy blond hair, blue eyes, about 5'4" and was from Nebraska..she had graduated from a business school in Grand Island, Nebraska so maybe she got to work in the office when at the Willows. I know this is a long shot but thought I would put this "out there"...all we can do is keep on trying. May God bless all of you who are searching. I am open to any correspondence. Julie :-)

From: Karen ( I am looking for my mother's mom or my grandmother. My mom was born at the Willows on 10/29/1930. The name Arlene Johnson appears on her birth certificate. Her birth mother was 18 and one of 5 siblings whose father worked with the railroad. The certificate stated that the birth parents were of ScotsIrish and French decent. My mom is now 77 years old and both of her adoptive parents are deceased. It has always been a dream of hers to know her biological parents. She was adopted by Chester and Ethel Palmer of Marysville, KS. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

From: Kay T. ( I am a Willows birth mom of April 1,1958, baby girl Rody. A rude awakening for me, the father refused and after birth we tried to get baby girl rody back & was rejected, we married with 4 more children, she eventually found ussssssssss and to date,she is happily reunited with her birth dad, myd husband and not with me. I can never accept nor handle this and I am deeply depressed since March 1998. Be careful all of you out there, I would loves to share memories with those there at my time, I was known as Jeanie Woods. WHAT A NEW WORLD OF CHANGE.

From: Jessica H. ( I am looking for information on my mother, who is deceased from a hereditary illness. She was born March 17, 1942 and was given the birthname of Winifred Whitney. She was adopted by a couple, Jesse E. and Ruby M. Lovelady of Amarillo, Texas. Any information would be appreciated.

From: Kathy D. ( My first entry was 3/18/05 and I was looking for my son born 6/28/66. On page 10 you will see an entry from my son. I found him 1/28/2007. April of last year I drove to Wichita, Ks. to meet him and his family. When I saw him, it was like looking back at myself. We are so very much alike. Not just features but the way we talk, hold our heads, react with other people and write. Both of us have been school teachers, he is now a principal of a high school. His wife is wonderful and his 2 children are out of this world. I have just had my prayers answered. He had a great family growing up and I just love him. Plan and simple. I would give my life for him and my grandchildren. There is plenty of love to go around. If you are looking, keep going. I found the right person who had the info. In less than a day I had the name and address of my son. Within hours we were talking, and haven't stopped. We are like an pair of old shoes now, comfortable. Kathy Davis

From: Nancy G. ( My name is Nancy (Hale) Good, I'm searching for my son, birthname Kevin Hale, born September 5th 1961 at The Willows, Kansas City, MO. I keep running into walls no matter who I contact, I have registered my search information with the Johnson county Courts, they tell me nothing can be done unless the adoptee and the adoptive parents request the records opened in order to contact me. At that point they can match his birth records to my registered request. I don't mean to interfer with his life I only want to answer any questions he may have and provide him with health history. Giving your child up is something you never get over or forgive yourself for, the love and ache never goes away. Thanks for the chance to at least put this in writing.

From: Vicky D. ( I was wondering if anyone knows if a picture of the baby was ever sent to the biological mother, either by the adoptive parents or the lawyer who handled the adoption.

From: Carl R. M. ( I was born on Feb 23d, 1937, at the willows, to Eleanor Marie Otoupal..I did find her, but she passed away 6 years ago. Now am trying to find the "father"....I was called, baby Elwood.

From: James Lee S. ( I was born on May 10, 1945 at The Willows and was named Archer Alexander. My mother's name was Phyllis Alexander and she was from the Cessna Park area, in Illinois. Her mother's name was Rosa. There was no information about who my father was. My mother had four pictures of one man, nobody can identify, in her photo album. She was with him around the time I was conceived. He could be my father. M. J. Kessler, Y 3/C, USNR, Maritime Unit, San Clemente, California was his address at one time. In one of the pictures he was with a friend, Charles Petersen, SC 2/C(Ship's Cook, Second Class). If you think you know either of these men, I will furnish a photograph. M. J. Kessler should have been in Washington D.C. in August of 1944. Still searching...

From: David H. ( Are the records of Willows all destroyed? My real grandmother gave birth to my mother on leap year in 1916 there and it was only years later that I learned my mother was adopted. My grandmother's name was Gladys Warren. She was an unwed mother. I am wanting to find out that side of my heritage. My sister visted her in Iowa I believed while growing up but my mother kept the connection a secret until years later. Little else is known about Gladys. I like help in finding out about her and I am open to suggestons. Thanks, David Holmes

From: Paul K. ( Father born @ willows 2/1/30. My father was born at The Willows. I have his baby book. It list his 1st visitor as Gertrude Gentry & the nurse was a Miss Khiff. He was adopted by Paul M and Ruth Kuykendall from Colorado. If any of these names have turned up in your searches, please let me know. My own children are in their late 20's & we would like to know more about our family history. Thanks for this page.

From: DEAN E. E. ( Born at the Willows 2/15/1926. Birth mother listed as Florence Langley. Was adopted by my parent walter & Nina Erickson about 4 weeks after birth. They are both dead. Have an adopted sister younger. Has Missouri ever entered 21 century with information re: genetics and health

From: Vicky D. ( I have noticed many people on sites like this know some of the father's information. How did they find out this information?

From: Valerie W. A. ( I was born at The Willows on 11/13/67. All I know is what my grandmother told me, that my birthparents were in college, they were Lutheran(i think) and that they had gone to a Valentine's Day dance, which explains my November birth. Can anyone tell me where to start to find them? Thanks

From: Carrie T. ( Hi Everyone! My DAD is 70 as of SEPTEMBER 22 2008. He was born HAROLD VOTAW 9/22/1938 at the WILLOWS and the formal adoption papers were finally process in February 1939. We have been searching for years. We believe my Gram and Great Aunt knew who at least one birth parent was as they would fight over the subject all the time. We found his birth name in her lock box when she died. Someone from Jackson County Court reached out to my DAD in 1972 or 1974. A letter came for my DAD and my Gram saw the letter from the county and exclaimed, "they are not getting him". I was young and didnt get it. But then when I relized what had happened when she tore up the letter - she rip all efforts of the birth family up. So here I am writing to all of you. My Dad has met other Votaw family members but no one knows who his parents are at all. The thing is he looks like almost all of the male Votaws' - Blue eyed blondes! So awsome to see who his people are and erie that he looks like most all branches. That is the tuff part. No one can figure it out or cares to share the info. So if you are his sister or brother here is a few items about the birth mother: dark hair and blue eyes, college, teacher and played the piano, 25 yr. old. Father: canadian Pilot,21, blue eyed blonde. Let me know! I would like to surprise him one day with a sister or brother! Carrie p.s. yes we went to the courts his papers were there and there was a tick mark indicating someone tried to contact him. But they would not let us get anything from the file. STINKS!

From: Tracy V. J. ( Birth family in search of female born on or about 5/6/1936 at the Willows in Kansas City Missouri, birth mother went by the name Ruth, she was 15 or 16 at the time she gave birth, the father was about 22. Alma "Ruth" Eldred was 5'6 brown hair, blue eyes, from Mo. On another site a sandysmith had said it may be her we were looking for, but it had been a long search, and I had changed my email address. We are still searching!! Any info. or advice, comment would be most welcome!

From: David R. ( I born at Willows on 9/30/48. Birth name was Darrell Keys. Mother listed as Edith. Looking for birth parents.

From: Jerry T. ( Updating e-mail address. I was born at The Willows Dec 17th, 1945. Hospital name was David Perry. I'm seeking any info on birth parents. Thanx!

From: Barb F. ( My mother (deceased now) was born at The Willows 10/9/1939 and adopted by the Williams family in Parsons, KS. Birth name was Mary Ann Martin. Any help would be appreciated! God bless.

From: Susie ( I am trying to find several things: 1. Any birth mother who may have been at the Willows Dec 1948. Not mine she died in April 1992 but instead some one who may have known her. 2.Susan who had set up the site of the Willows with many more pictures and options and info.

From: Nicole B. ( Ophelia Sommese, abt 16 from NY, gave birth to a baby boy named Michael on 10-16-1951. Children of Michael are in desperate need of family medical info. Michael was adopted by a loving family and has 4 wonderful children. His adoptive name is Michael Bollero

From: Kim C. ( Looking for my fathers birth parents. He was born at the Willows on July 11, 1955. His attorney was Sol Baum. Adopted parents names were Dorothy Joyce Mills Cockrum and Dan Mitchell Cockrum. Any help would be appreciated.

From: Harriet Ann D. ( I found an entry from Michael Cash in the guestbook for 1998-2002. He was born on 11/10/63 and is looking for his birth mother. That may be myself. I tried the e-mail address given but it does not go through. Can you help?

From: Ann D. ( I am looking for my son who was born at The Willows on 11/10/63. E-mail me at if you were born on that date.

From: Anne M. ( I was born at St. Mary's hospital on August 18, 1946. I think my crib name was Florence. My bmother checked herself into the Willows when she was 30 years old. My bfather (36)was in the Merchant Marines but had been serving in the Navy during WW11. He had 2 sons neither over the age of 6 in 1946. I am looking for any family medical history I can obtain. Neither of my parents were from Missouri and the family name of Tierney was on some of my papers, however I don't know if that was a family name or the Dr. name. Any information anyone might have would be helpful. If you have found your birthmother and she was at the Willows in 1946 would you please ask her if she remembers a Lilly.

From: Pam S. ( I was born at the Willows on September 16, 1944. Name given - Charlotte Rahn. Mother was only there 2-3 weeks before birth. I know it's a long shot being so many years ago, but I would love to know more about my birth family and my roots. I have been registered with a company trying to find my birth mother but they given me no information saying that since she used a phony name and was from out of state they are having trouble find her. So hopefully someone reading this has some information.

From: Betsy ( We are searching for a cousin who we believe was born in 1950. We were told that his/her mother was sent from Cleveland Ohio to Missouri to give birth. The mothers name is Lila Joy Ganim. We do not have information on the father other than he may have been Italian. Lila is Lebanese. Her birthdate is January 1932. We would welcome any information no matter how small it may be. Thank you.

From: Linda H.-R. ( the only thing I know is that my mother was born in K.C. at a home for unwed mothers. Which one I do not know. She was adopted by Harrison and Lenny Freeman who at that time lived in Leeton, Mo. I am very sorry to say that she tried so hard to find her bparents and never did before she passed away. All she could ever find out is that Harry went to Kansas City on one day and came back with her on the next day. My grandfather was listed on her birth records as a contractor but he was also a minister. Her name was Iona Faye Freeman if she had another name she did not know it. My mother was born Feb. 10th 1923 had blond hair and blue eyes. If anyone could help me find her bparent I would greatly appreciate it as I made her a promise to keep looking.

From: Joann S. H. ( My mother was born at the Willows on November 3, 1929. (b. Nedra Whalen; m. Louise Whalen) If anyone has more information, please contact me.

From: Martin Arredondo ( I was born at the willows DEC 3 1960. My Mother was 16 father was 18. I am looking for them or any family I might have. Thank you

From: Susan Ann E. ( I was born 05-31-1954, 11:45pm, at the Willows Maternity Hospital, Jackson County, Kansas City, Missouri. My birth weight was 6 lbs. 12 oz.; length 21". Name given to me at this facility was Deborah Fields. Mother's name (patient name listed on The Sackett Laboratory report, dated 5-5-54), is "Darlene, Willows Hospital." The doctor listed on both this lab. report as well as my "modified" birth certificate is Robert F. Lamar, Professional Building. I was adopted by a couple living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I would very much like to be reunited with my birth mother. Both adopted parents have been deceased for many years.

From: Linda Ann V. ( I was born at the Willows on June 25, 1943. My birth name was Gail Lipford. My birth mother was 19, 5'9" with blond hair and blue eyes. She had a year of college, 4 years of piano study, was a stenographer and of English extraction. She had two brothers, one in the Navy. My father was in the US Army,also of English extraction. He was one of four brothers and three sisters.My parents knew each other for three years. My grandparents were established in their communities for 15 years and 10 years respectively. I was adopted three weeks after my birth and joined a wonderful family. Although our adoptive parents are deceased, I continue to enjoy my older brother, also born at the Willows, BN Howard Davis. We miss our parents but would love to enlarge our lives with information about our birth parents and possible siblings. Perhaps this will be the year when our questions will be answered. If anyone can add to my knowledge, I would be most grateful.

From: Terry O. P. ( 03/20/44 Female Crib Name Nanette Mack. Am told by amother nurses at Willows made up the name. Amother told me mother was young (15-17), very quiet,musically inclined; father was 20-21 yrs and into banking...both from excellent families. Info she was given by Willows. Birth Certificate (saw the BC when I was 7 yrs)said I was the 9th live birth of mother. BC has since been altered and no longer reflects this info. I was adopted to FL. When I was 7yrs a man came to interview aparents and me...his name, oddly enough, was Mr. Mack. He was from Willows. If any of this seems remotely familiar please contact. Thank you t

From: DeeAnna L. ( My mother was born on February 2,1930. Information on her crib card says baby Emma Truxell was born at 12:05 PM and weighed 6 lbs. The attending Dr. was J.W. Kepner. The mother was 17 yrs. old, 128 lbs.,5ft.3in.tall,blonde hair, blue eyes,English descent,Protestant. Father was 18,139 lbs.,5ft.7in. tall, dark brown hair and eyes, English descent, Protestant, Farmer. According to the Federal census taken in April 1930 The baby (Emma) was living at the Willows at that time and it shows her mother being born in Michigan. She was adopted to a family in Minnesota. We are looking for any information to help find the birth parents of Emma Truxell.

From: sharon h. ( would like to find b mother. her name was opal king and my name on birth certificate was charlene king. i was born in 1934 at the home. had great parents going up just need to know if anyone is out there. my father was in the service and was from kansas city. mother was from a farm.

From: Jim ( I was born at the Willows at 10:10 AM on Jan 21, 1948. My birth name was Gerald S. Mother was a 20-year-old telephone operator. Father was a 25-year-old civilian pilot after 6 years in Navy. I would appreciate info on birth family. My E-mail address is Thanks.

From: DeeAnna L. ( Our search for the birth mother of baby Emma Truxell began on March 18,2009. Our previous entry in this guest book was posted on March 19, 2009. After much time piecing things together, by saturday March 28th we had found an obituary of the birth mother dated 2004, and have located 4 siblings of Baby Emma's. We contacted one of the siblings and a trip to meet is being planned. Praise the Lord!

From: Robert W. ( My birth date was 5/11/67 and I am in search of my birth mom. Any information on her stay at the sanitarium or if anyone should know her please email. The name I was given at birth was Cary. Thank you.

From: Janet ( Seeking birthfamily. I was born @ Willows in early August 1955. Birthname is supposedly Beth Brown. Mother possibly named/nicknamed Helen. Delivered by Dr. Love. Helen has 2 other daughters (younger). Birthfather is deceased. He has 2 sons (older). I am grateful for any info/help. Have been looking for many years, now. Thanks. This is my current email.

From: Leland Y. ( I am searching for my father's biological family. He was born at the Willows in January, 1928 to Thelma Yohe. We have no other information. He was adopted to Charlie and Isabel Burrow who lived in Glidden, Iowa. We have had no luck obtaining the original birth certificate from Jackson County, Missouri. Does the name Thelma Yohe sound familiar to anyone?

From: Ashley ( My grandma who recently passed was born at the Willows June 18th 1925 but not adopted until November. She was named Ruth Schulz there. Her birth mother was 17 and father was 20. The lab records look like her mother's name is Ewilia. Would love to find any family out there.

From: Nancy D. ( Searching for birth sister gave up for adoption 1934 or 1935. Alma "Ruth " Eldred was the mother Oscar Potter was the father the baby girl weighed 8 lbs and had big blue eyes.I have been told she was born on march 6 1935 but have been told there were no Eldred babies born on this date in 1935. The names may have been changed. She was adopted by an older couple from the Tulsa Ok area. All this info is what I have been told by relatives. I have been unable to verify. My daughter has put info on web sites and someone by the name of Sandy Smith tried to answer but my daughter had remarried and her name and email address was no longer valid. Sandy Smith said she thought we may be looking for her. My daughters name is Tracy Jenkins ( Her former name was Vandegrift. We have limited info. Please contact us if you have any info. I would also love to talk to anyone that was at the willows in 1935. Thanks!

From: Deanna ( I was born at The Willows at 1:40 am on March 8, 1945. Crib name was Hope Taylor and birth mother's name was Jane Taylor. Would love to find anyone in birth family. Was adopted at one month old and have had a wonderful family and life ----- but curiosity about birth family is always there.

From: Amy ( I am looking for information on my maternal grandfather's birth family, and geneology. He was born in Kansas City, MO on March 17,1914, almost definitley at the Willows. His baptism records at Immanuel Lutheran Chruch in Kansas City show a baptismal date of March 18 with his name listed as Lavern Smith and show his mother as Amanda Einspahr "Smith". "The Willows" is listed on the baptism records in the space where you would usually place sponsers or Godparents, so we believe he was born at the Willows Maternity Sanitorium. We also have a copy of his reliquishment to the German Evangelical Lutheran Orphan's Home Society of Nebraska, dated March 24th, 1914, given to us by the Nebraska Family Services. Oddly this appears to be notarized & signed in Jackson Co. MO instead of Nebraska as would have been customary. He was adopted by Charles & Luella Bethke of Nebraska when he was somewhere between 18 months to 3 years old. At that time he was named Rueben Lavern Bethke. The strange thing is he was never able to find record of his adoption in Nebraska when he was an adult. He was told this was because of some sort of fire, but I have tried to track this down and there were no fires in the history of this organization after the time of his birth, so it is a BIG mystery! His adoptive parents never meant to tell him he was adopted, so they never wanted to discuss details....he only found out by accident when he overheard his adoptive father & an uncle discussing it. While I have some specific information from reliable sources, the only actual documents I have are the Relinquishment form and photocopies of the baptismal records. Is there anyone who would have additional information on an Amanda Einspahr Smith....or perhaps just Amanda Einspahr, as the way "Smith" is recorded makes me think it is an alias? Judging by her handwriting, she might have been very young, but decently educated. I have noticed that most people looking on this site not are searching the early 1900s, which from my research is before the Willows started routinely used quite as much secrecy, so I am hoping someone might be able to help me solve this mystery that always plaqued my grandpa. He always wanted to know where he came from but felt as though even the courts & church were against him. I know my chances are slim, because someone will have to know that their great-grandma or aunt or cousin gave up a baby long, long ago, but I'm hoping we can solve this. Update to previous post regarding my grandfather, Reuben Lavern Bethke (aka Lavern Smith, or Lavern Einspahr)... I finally received an orignaly copy of his birth certificate, and he was born to an Amanda Einspahr, and originally named Lavern Einspahr at the Willows. All previous dates known to us were correct. Still no known information released on the birth father. I am still interested in tracking down the genealogical information on my grandfather's birth family if there is anyone who would have connections to that family. Thank you!

From: Andrew W. ( I was born at the Willows on 8/22/1967 I believe I was called baby Robert. I just want to know...many questions, few answers.

From: Dollie G. ( My mother was born at The Willows on October 28, 1939. The name on her adoption record is "Sandra WIlson". I was told that her b.father was an attorney and her b.mother his secretary. No other info. is known about the b.parents.

From: Allinder ( Born August 31, 1955, at The Willows. Social history indicates that biological mother was from Nebraska (most likely Lincoln) and biological father from California (no hint as to what city). Both were living/working in California (she as a kindergarten teacher and he in a family business -- a men's clothing store). A search using a court-sanctioned intermediary was unsuccessful, probably because the name and address in the court files were incorrect. I came across this site and decided to post. Thanks for e-mailing if anything rings a bell.

From: Julie T. ( My mother was born at the willows on March 21 1942. Her mothers name was Gayle Jones. I would love any type of information that would help me to find out anything more.

From: Jodi H. ( Hello I pray someone can help us My mother was born 11/29/1940 in KCMO at either Willows or Fairmount Maternity we are looking for either birth mother or father due to serious illness in our family and we just lost my sister and I too am very ill we have the name Maurine Moore and Richard B Kirwan any help would be so wonderful thank you

From: Michael W. ( I was born at the Willows on May 24, 1951 and have some records. My birth mother was from a wealthy family in Palasades, California, I was adopted to a family in Central Missouri and have a copy of those adoption records, I do have a copy of a picture taken of me at the age of 3 weeks at the Willows. i have been lucky enough to find out who my birth parents are and have met them in the last 5 years. The State of MO still refuses to give me a copy of my original birth certificate.

From: Donna ( My mother was born at Willows on 5/7/20 at 6:05pm. She died 3 yrs ago at the age of 87 and wasn't aware that she was adopted until later in life. Her adoptive name is Johnston. Her adoptive parents did not want that information to be available to her and destroyed all of the paperwork, including the original birth certificate, however I do have the legal/corrected birth certificate. Dr. John W. Kepner was the attending physician. There are no remaining alive on the Johnston side for information. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank You. UPDATE! Found out that my mom's birth mother last name was Gobel and that she was of German descent. She named her baby Shirley before the adoption and the Johnston's kept the first name. Ring a bell to anyone??? Thanks Ellen, you are terrific! The search goes on...

From: Deborah D. ( I'm trying to find out who my mothers father was.My mother was born to ruby Bruce or possibly Campbell for last name.Her father owned a stationary store or atleast worked there in Kansas City Missourt on i believe 29th street.The name of him is blacked out and there was no adoption.This is a wounderful web sight thank you!

From: Harriet Ann D. ( I am still trying to find my son born, I believe, on 11/10/63. I was a 21 y/o from Ohio.

From: Janet ( Updating my email address. Still looking to connect with birthfamily. Born at the Willows in early August in 1955. Mother's name possibly Helen Brown. I have 2 half sisters and 2 half brothers. Birthfather is supposed to be deceased. Birthmother still alive in 2006. Born perhaps in 1936.

From: Deb C. ( Born Lucinda Hager 4/27/54 at Willows, adoption finalized 5/25/55 Tulsa, OK. Looking for any information on BM.

From: Troy M. ( I was born on 9/19/1965 at the Willows. I don't have any more information other than b-parents went to college together and background is French, Irish and American Indian. ISO Birth Mother just to say I'm ok and thank you for the decision you made so many years ago. Pls call 816-806-9055

From: Doug ( Hi, I'm searching for my birth mother/father. I was born on 2/26/1962 at the Willows (I believe), but my afather has been less than helpful beyond this info: The folks at the adoption hospital told him that my birth father was a tall French-Canadian. I'm not wishing to intrude; I am curious however. I've been raised by a wonderful family and have had a great life so far. Thanks for this site!

From: Jenna L. ( My mom was born at The Willows on Aug 20th, 1967. She is looking for her birth mother. Her birth mother was around 16 and was said to be from the east coast, we are not sure. And my mothers birth name was Karen we think, not certain. We know very little but are wanting to know more!! I just found this website. I need help in searching, if you have any information or advice PLEASE contact me!! ***** CALL *** My Cell(816)-824-2005, Home (816) 795-8348

From: Tricia S. ( I am searcing on request of my husband whose adoption was arranged through Willows. He was born 10/27/1948 mothers name Eileen Baker Crook, 20, at time of birth and father named Carroll Crook. They had been married 3 years but divorce granted one month before birth. Father supposedly did not know about pregnancy and birth mother wanted to not deliver where she lived. Adopted by Edgar Allen Sanders and Elma Marie Sanders of Tulsa OK who started communication with Willows in 1947. Their attorney's name was William S. Walker of Harrison AR. Husband's records say he was born in Harrison AR and was told that he was picked up there. Believe birth father from around Ashley Co. AR and birth mother may have been from AR or MO. If anyone knows anything please contact. He does not wanted to intrude and until after death of amother and last year of afather life had no interest in looking. Mostly for medical history for his sons

From: Tammy (F.) O. ( *** SUCCESS AFTER 50 YEARS **** I started my journey around 2001 on trying to find a brother or sister that my Mom gave up for adoption in 1957. My Mom was at Willow's & she never did remember anything but that she had a baby.Shortly after she had given birth she had some type of breakdown & had to have shock treatments. This has made her not to remember any details of who the Father is or much about her stay there. My Mom is a wonderful person & has had a very hard life. She is still living today & is in great shape & of sound mind at the age of 75 yrs old.She can out do me on things & still works at times. I had once asked my grandmother about some information on it & she said "Let sleeping dogs lay",which to me that meant I wasn't getting any information. So to me that also meant that maybe something bad had happened,but to this day I still don't know anything about the birth father. All family members that I feel would know something say that they don't know anymore then what I know.(I don't believe them) I mean come on I am 50 & my Mom is 75 we are not children. With all that we have been through in life I really don't think anything could shock us.Trying to get information from them is like talking to a brick wall. In 2001 when I started looking I didn't get to look alot because I didn't own a computer myself. I would only get to look when I went to a family member's house & use theirs. I first started with Willows site & posted what very little I knew. Then around 2005 I put myself on My Space just to see about meeting people on there. I wasn't trying to find the baby.So you are still listed if you don't use it.(My Space) I didn't really get on there much I quit after about a year.Then my daughter said something about Facebook & I went on there to see what it was about,so I was also listed there even if I didn't use it also. So I guess you could say that I found the needle in the haystack. One day my daughter contacted me & said that a friend of hers on My Space was contacted from a girl that says she is my sister that my Mom gave up almost 50 years ago & did she know how to get a hold of me. My adopted sister in 2005 had found my message (that I left at the Willow's site in 2001)At that time (2001) I was using my brother-in-laws email address & by this time (2005) they didn't have it anymore. So she tried to look me up on My Space & by chance she seen I was on there but that it showed I hadn't been using it in a very long time. On My Space you have friends & my daughter was listed as one of my friends. So she went to my daughters page & seen she hadn't been on there in a long time either. So then she contacted one of my daughters friends from My Space page (that friend was an active member of the site)& used it all the time. We all got to meet last year 2008 on Mother's Day. My adopted sister came up from Alabama to Missouri to see us for the first time since 1957 when she was born. Her adopted Dad had gave her papers with my Mom's name on it when her adopted Mother had died. My sister then waited until her adopted Dad died because she felt that was the right thing to do.Then she had started to try & find her real Mom. It all sounds like something that would be in a Movie or on a talk show but it wasn't & it still is hard to believe that we have all found each other after 50 yrs. I had always said I was going to find the baby before my Mom died but I really never thought it would happen. That is a true miracle!!! I think that I have given up on finding out anything about the real father because no one is budging. Good Luck to Everyone looking for their Parents!!!!!!

From: Linda T. ( Hi, I am looking for my brother who was born at the Willows Jan. 4 1951. He was given the name of Lyle Dean Moore. The birth mother was Edna Marie Moore. She was from Allerton, Iowa. Lyle was the first child she gave birth to. There are eight siblings who would like to get to know their oldest brother. If you have any info please contact me at the email address above.

From: Maria E D. L. ( My father, James Ediwin Davidson, was born 12/07/36 at the Willows home. His birth name was Carol Clark. The only other information we have is that his birth mother was age 23 at time of birth and she was a nurse. Birth father was a few years older and was a salesman. My father was adopted by Orland and Gladys Davidson of Raton, NM. Highly unlikely birth parents are living, but would like to find out if there are siblings, cousins, etc.

From: Joe Bryan Z. ( Adopted from the Willows April 1 1946. Went to Fort Wayne IN . I am looking for my birth parents. I do I get information to find them?

From: Marilyn M. ( had baby girl Roxanne 4/19/1952. Still looking for her. I was an unwed mother forced by her mother to give up my daughter. I really wanted to keep her. I was a maid at the Willows during my 'tenure' there. I slept in the basement and tended to other pregnant girls. We weren't suppose to hold our baby, but I would sneak in every chance I could to hold Roxanne and kiss her.

From: Karen (baby Rene) ( I was born at the Willows, March 6, 1964. Only recently received non-identifying info on birth family. I know father was killed before I was born, mom was 18. Baby name given to me at birth was Rene. Would love to find you if you are as curious about me and I am about you.

From: Beulah S. ( I gave birth to a baby girl on Jan. 24, 1958 at The Willows in K.C. Mo. They told me she was stillborn but I heard her cry, however when I asked to see her they said I could not. I would love to know the truth about her birth. I named her Bobbi Leah. I have never believed that she was stillborn but cannot prove it.

From: larry v. ( dob 8/19/45 shipped out9/19/45 name on crib "baby archer" mother marion lusche father unknown. would like more info. on father. found mother and 1/2 sibblings, but no answer to father.

From: Judy H. ( Looking for information on birth mother & father of (born) Delores Miller. Born May 9, 1928 at Willows. Was adopted at 6 weeks old. Was adopted by Edgar & Jessie Hickox

From: Brenda L. ( I do not know if I was born here but I am looking for my b-mother. Born on February 1, 1953, a Sunday morning somewhere in Kansas City. My name by my b-mother I'm told was Glenda. Any help with finding my roots will be greatly appreciated. I was adopted by my parents who lived here in KC all their lives.

From: Martin A. ( I was born Dec 3 1960. Looking for my birth parents. I am registered in the reunion registry. This Information was scanned sorry for being broken but it was sent to me from Jefferson City Mo was born at the Willows home for unwed mothers .The following information was sent to me by the Jackson County clerk's office as non identifying info and is very fragmented however if you look closely the information can be mostly readible. SOCIAL HISTORY TO: ADOPTION SERVICES'; JAiliSON COUNTY, l.O. JUVENILE COURT. NAME OF ~DTHER: REFERRED BY: FLoRENCE CRITTENTON HOME JULY 25, 1960' DATE ENTERED HOSPITAL: DATE OF REFERRAL: NOV. 4, 1960 DATE DELIVERY EXPECTED: CHILD 's NA1tE: : NO~IBER" 1960 BIRTHDATE: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: IDTHER Of BABY HISTORY BY: CASEWORKER, fLOrENCE CRITTENTON HOME . DATA REGAqDING PAHENTS: M:>THER: age 16, is 5'4ft in height', usuallyweighs 115 Ibs., has straight' light brown hair; brown eyes, and 'medium to olive complexion. Her mother's nationality extraction is German and her father's is chiefly Irish and English. is in the 11th grade, continuIng with her education. She has not done any work except baby sitting. She attends the Catholic church but is not a member. FATHER: age 18, is described as being '6'2" "in height, wEighing 182 1bs; having dark brown hair, broWn eyes and fair to medium complexion" His mother's nationality extraction is Spanish, his father's is half Mexican and half Spanish. He is a high school graduate and has done, various kinds of work, such as operating office machines for an insurance company. IvDTrlEii: age 16, was oo'rn The family moved from that area to a She has lived in a large city on, ,the, in a sma1l town in the . ;: ~tat~ when she was J year~ old~ '" - ever since she can remember. is in the 11th'grade and has been "attending" a polytechnic high school." She prefers Sciences. She was interested in such activities as Pep Club. Social History - Page 2. mentioned above,. she attends the Catholic church but is not a member and doesn't participate in any of their. activities. She has never done any work except babysitting. Health: has never had any surgery nor any serious illness. She has he ily childhood diseases and none of this since she became pregnant. She had iy fever for a few months two years ago, but was given some medication for his and has not been bothered with it since that time. She does not wear glasses. She thinks adoption is the best plan for the baby because she feels that she is too young to marry and assume the responsibilities of a baby. She does not think the alleged father actually cares for her. She feels she should continue with her education and could not do so if she had the baby with her. DTHER'S MOTHER: this woman, who is 37, was born in the and lived there until was about 3 years old, when the family moved to the, This woman described as being about 5'5" in height, weighing approximately 125 lbs., recently lost to this weight following a diet). She has brown hair, brown eyes, and faIr complexion. Her nationality extraction is German. Health: She has good health. She has had surgery for a cyst on an ovary. wears glasses part of the time for reading. She does have sinusitis. She is taking a course in hotel and restaurant management at a university. enjoys cooking and doing anything outdoors such as skiing, hiking, and camp She belongs to numerous clubs. She is now in her second semester in college She has always wanted to own a hotel. She is a member of the Unitarian Church and 15 quite active with church affairs. She is not working now but was formerly employed at a payroll clerk. She quit this however last year. Hospital, a knew riothiri~i about her. maternal grandmother. She died before born. Her .maternal grandfather is 65. He recently retired as a farmer. '5 mother h~sone sibling, a sister who li~eg in the I . She in good health except for sinusitis. Her husband is a salesman. IDTHEK'S FATHER: .. This man was 36 when he died of a heart attack. described. her fathe as having been 6' in height with very large frame. He had blue eyes and brown hair. His nationalitv extraction was chiefly .Irish and English. Although born in the re~ion~ he lived iri the for I years and then moved to -the when was about 3 years old. health: He had good health until 4 years prior to his death, when he had first heart attack. considered her father a very intelligent person.She said he had h "_~~ ~n~ that he placed in the first five out of 300. men on Social History Page 3. police force as the result of special 'Intelllgence' tests given the men. enjoyed hunting but did not care much about group activities. He , . He did not belong to a ~y church. This mans mother Is 65 and is in good health. father was but 5 years old. He has one sister is a housewife and has one child. His father dIed when who has been 111 recently. She MOTHER'S SIBLINGS: Sister, age 18, is married and has two children. She lives on the near s. mother. She has always had good health. She completed the 11th grade and quit school in order to marry. She enJoys swimming and outdoor things. Her husband helps OOild 's'viiri1ri1ing pools. She Is not employed. This sister does not know of her pregnancy. FAM1LY HEALTH HISTORY: As far as knows, there are no inheritable diseases, deformitIes, or feeblemindedness in her family background. ALLEGED FATHER: and. . met at school and she had known him for some time. .riels 'not assl~ting financially. , age 18, was born has lived there all of his life. in a la.r~e city on the .' and he '. j - .. Hz has graduated from high school and has operated machinery in an insurance company, als'o 'has mace deliveri'es for a Grocery st9re. He v.'ould like to be a p.e.~l,:-tricla.-~ and.she. think~ tha~. he.,~.ril1 continu~_wit.~-.~o!leg~.. . enjoys swimmirigand playing foot baT 1. . He and some of' his boy friends have a football team and they usual.lY play, fo'otball o~ ~~e.'~weekends. Health: His health is fair. He had rhe'umaticfever.when"a child and has a.. .rheumatic'heart concUtion. She knew .that he~ad haci...f"lu - and'.' .~n.e :measles~. He does n?t wear glasses~ . .' . '.. " . ". He Is a member of the Catholic ::.h.ur.~h bt1.t doE.s n9t bike any part. In activitie He does' not belong to other organizations. ALLEG E0 F ATHER'S P .A:1ENTS: - . , . His mother is about 40 years old arid v:elghs approximately 140.1bs. about 5'5" or 5'6" in height and has black hair and bro.;n"eyes.. Her is olive. H3r nationality ext.r.act~on is. complete~~~pani~~.. ". Health: She has fair health and ~ome type of ~urgefy is pending, but does not knov.' the de tal Is of this. ;"-".> :' . She' 1 s complex! 0: .' - '.- . '" . . She is an excellent cook and enjoys shop'ping~":..;; ." -¬ 4.". .t , . She has lived in the same city on the for many years. - S'ocial History - Page 4. r , ' She, too, is a member of the Catholic church. ., . didn't; know anything ,about her,par'ents except: that :this woman has one ,sl s t.e I' ~ ,:'. ' . . ' , ' , '. :... -=-:.. "s father is described as relng in his late 40's, about 5'9" in height, 'tJleighing 140 Ibs., having black hair, brown eyes, and" complexion a little' darker than his wife. He is half Mexican and half Spanish. . . .' As far as knows, he has good health. , , he'drives a: truck for a bakery. He, 'too,has lived in this same city on'the is also a Catholic. , for many years and he ALLEGED FATHER'S SIBLINGS: Brother, age 15, is described as being 5'9" in height, we'ighing about 125 lbs. having black hair and brown eyes. He has excellent health and is an outstand¬ ing athlete. He is in the lOth grade in high school. He swims a great deal and', thinks he is trying out for football I:.h'rs'year. He is active "in' dramatics in high school. She said he has very large ,eyes and rather small ~ , . . " , Brother;' age 8, is described as being 'slender 'and rather tall for his age~ He has light brown hair,' brown eyes, and medium complexion. He has good health and is in the 4th grade. Brother, age 3, is "'described as being very cute. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and medium complexion. He seems to he a little tall for his age~ His h1alth is good. FJ.dILY HEALTH HISTORY: As ffir as, min:::ledness in knows, fhere are "no inhe"ritable diseases, deformities or feebl£ . ,f s background. ' , ' , " As me'ntToned in the 'his'tory; - a,ftends the ~at'holic church an~ 'plans be co:ne a membe r' soo,n.' She states' tha, t she wants he. I' ' chi Id placed in the of, a ;hristian'family. ~he does not""Garewhether the baby is placed in a Catholic hOiI1€ or in a Protestant home.' , to home 11-14-60 She plans to,rna,J,or. in Home Ec~n,o,mics and,Science. She enjoys swimiIling, te~~,~s" read~!lg,.. cook~~g.,~nd cleClni~g house,. ", . .~ . She and her parents -be"long' 'to' ii" type"of 'country club' where' she "swims' 'and plays tennis during the summer'and g6es~ice s~ling in the winter. She spoke of having reen active in the Girl Scouts~

From: Phillip W A. ( Birth Mother's name- Lenore Skinner My Birth name - Meredith Skinner Born on 1 Oct 1938

From: Trenton F. ( I was born at the Willows on Dec. 16, 1946 and Ronald Boltie was on the paperwork as my name. Maggie was the name of my birth mother on one of the papers. I was adopted by Dorphus and Julia Fagg from Marion County, Kansas. As previous searches have indicated, I may have siblings. Birth mother, at this time, would be approx. 79 years of age.

From: Susan W. ( My brother was born at The Willows on approximately June 27, 1953 (or 54) at 7:30am. His name given at birth was Delmar Pitzer. Mother's name was Pat "Patsy" Pitzer and father's name was Delmar Jett. He was red headed at birth. My mother was told that a family from Kansas was adopting him. Just starting my search and I don't have much else to go on so any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

From: Liza ( Thank you for putting up this web site. My mother was born at the Willows in the 1930s, and I enjoyed see the picture and reading the rich history. thank you.

From: Scott F. ( I'm trying to locate my dad's birth parents. He was born 12/17/1946, and his mother was 17, the father was 20. Can anyone tell me who the mother was from the story at the bottom of the home page? The baby's birth name was Frank.

From: jean w. ( I would like to invite anyone that has interest in The Willows Maternity Sanitarium to join the Facebook group: THE WILLOWS MATERNITY SANITARIUM. I am hoping this can be an additional forum for connection or reconnection.

From: Janis S. ( My Aunt was at The Willows in May and June of 1953. She delivered a boy on June 23, 1953. He was of course adopted out. My Aunt would like to re-connect with her son. She cared for him for 3 days. She is elderly now and has regrets and wishes she could meet her son. Thank-you for haveing a guest book to write in. Janis

From: Cheryl (R.) H. ( My mother Dorothy Ann was born at the Willows in Dec. 1932 and adopted by Roy & Laura Tannahill. Her original birth record was destroyed. Wish I knew her birth mothers name, health, and other info or children the birth mom may have had. Can anyone help?

From: Lynn T. ( My mother was born at the Willows Maternity Hospital in Kansas City, MO on <>December 31, 1928. Her name is Marion. Her adopted parents were <>Harry and Alberta Leighton. Although I know the chances are slim in finding out who her birth mother was, I will give it a try. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

From: Jeanne S. B. ( I am a 1949 graduate of the Willows and connected with maternal birth family in 2001 but the paternal side declined acknowledgement so I have very little knowledge on that side and of course, due to the archaric Missouri adoption laws, no original birth certificate. May we all find peace in knowing that we were loved by our birth mothers very much. I also signed earlier today but reading more postings I would like to inform all of you that: By calling or writing to the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri Family Court Division 625 East 26th Street Kansas City, MI 64108 (816) 435-4788 - you can find out the procedure for obtaining identifying and/or nonidentifying information on your Willows graduate (adoptee) and that - The Internation Soundex Registry is a great organization for help. Google it. Good luck to everyone searching for a child or a parent. I would like to hear the experience of a woman who gave birth at the willows. My birth mother passed in 1996 and I did not find her/her family until 2000 so I don't know that side of the story - did our moms name us, did they see us, hold us or anything like that? Just some questions. Peace.

From: Cheryl (R.) H. ( My mother Dorothy Ann was born at the Willows in Dec. 1932 and adopted by Roy & Laura Tannahill. Her original birth record was destroyed. Wish I knew her birth mothers name, health, and other info or children the birth mom may have had. Can anyone help?

From: Janice R. ( My mother was born at the Willows on 9/17/17. She was given the name of Nona Barrow and her mother was Naomi Barrow who was about 14. She had her original birth certificate and adoption papers until my father sent then in for her to get SS. The state kept the papers and have refused to return them. When they sent back a new birth certificate, it had her adoptive parents name on it. She was told her family was from Iowa but so far have been unable to find anyone who knows her mother. My mother was upset about being adopted but she is dying and the family would like to find her biological family. If anyone has any information, please contact me.

From: Nancy R S. ( Baby girl, born Sept. 7, 1951, unless that's a lie on the birth certificate. (My adoptive parents are named as the birth parents, so I am suspicious of it.) Was adopted (I think) through the "Crittenden Society" in November or so of 1951, but I don't have a written record of this. Would love more info, but I don't want to intrude.