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From: Brenda B. ( ISO birth brother. He was born 10/23/59, approx. 10 am/pm? weighed 7lbs 7oz and his birth name was Randell Lee Smith. Birth mother's name was Verna Lee Smith. We are full siblings as our parents married the following March '60, and had 2 additional children, myself 3/61 and another son 9/62. I am just beginning the search and not sure where to turn, so if you have any thing to offer, information - advice - support, please do not hesitate. Thank You.

From: Mary Lynn (Y.) S. ( Another Willows baby.......DOB Sept.22, 1936 Would like to hear from anyone born there around the same time!

From: Dulcie C. E. ( Baby girl born 3-24-51 at the Willows. 6:10AM, 5-13lbs. Mother's name - Beatrice (from lab report). Birth name Suzanne Armstrong. Mother 21, 5.5', light brown hair, blue eyes. Please email any information.

From: Bill S. ( I just found this site and think it's amazing. I found out 4 years ago that I was adopted. My Adoptee mother had just suffered a serious stroke and wanted me to know. Needless to say, I was quite shocked to find this information out at the age of 46. My adopted mother died shortly after without being able to tell me anything else. My adopted father had passed away 20 years earlier. After searching for the last four years, I found out that I was born at Willows on November 12, 1950. With non-identifying information from the Jackson County Court, I found that my birth mother was 20 years old, German and single. She had met my father at a dance and had known him for about 6 months. She attempted to contact him after she found out she was pregnant without success. I will continue to search for her, because yes, I want to find my birth mom. I want to thank her for allowing me to live. And I want to ease her mind and tell her what I've been doing with my life.

From: Carla ( My sister Marcia has left a message also. We are searching for a brother born January 4, 1945 at The Willows Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Birth mother would be Margaret Montgomery Havenner Northern. Margaret adopted this boy out, also my sister Marcia in 1946, me in 1947 and another son born in 1949 in Kansas. Carla Skinner Joiner

From: Marcia ( My sister and I are searching for our brother who was born January 4, 1945 at The Willows Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Biological mother was Margaret Montgomery Havenner Northern of Kansas City, Kansas. Our mother had at least eleven children, seven from a marriage (two children were stillborn) that ended in 1942. None of this family will have contact with us. In 1945 she went to The Willows to have a son whom she placed for adoption immediately. Kansas records state she then had me in 1946, Carla Skinner Joiner in 1947 and another son in 1949 all of whom were adopted out. Carla and I are lucky in a sense because Kansas has given us our original birth certificates and welfare records. Missouri is a closed door. No information at all, including no medical records. Carla and I found each other last year by accident after 54 years of searching and wondering. She is now in poor health and I was just diagnosed with diabetes.

From: patty ( Female dob 03-25-48. I have my birth name! its Karan Jean Sanderson my b-mom was not married at the time of my birth or adoption I was not adopted until I was almost 2 yrs old. My name was changed at the time of my adoption all though I did go to live with my a-parents when I was 1 day shy of being my first b-day.

From: K. D. (Davis I was at the Willows for 5 months before the birth of my son on June 28, 1966. I pray he is having a good life and I'm sure he had a wonderful mother and father. If anyone knows someone with that birthdate and if he would like to get in touch, I would love to hear from him. Also any other Birth Moms who were at the Willows Feb. 1966 to July 1966, lets talk.

From: Raymond L. ( Boy born June 25th, 1933 to Zelta Law. I wrote a letter to the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, Juvenile Division and asked for Judge Helms to send me a copy of my original birth certificate. He gave my letter to an adoption specialist named Julie Gibala and she wrote me back and told me to send a letter to her and what information that she needed. I did. She sent my original file back about a month later. My mother's name was Zelta Law. She would have been born in 1911 or 1912. My father's name isn't on my birth certificate, but he was said to be deceased. His last place of residence was Iowa. Zelta's doctor at the Willows was D.T. Van Del. Dr. E.L. Stewart was the laboratory that the Willows used. The lawyer was Richard B. Kirwan. I was kept by my mother for 14 days, the maximum that she could keep me. The paper work that Zelta filled out says that she was 21, her residence was Missouri, she was American of Dutch extraction. She was not married to the father.

From: Katharyn H. ( Born September 15, 1936. I am searching for my mother's birth parents. She was born at the Willows in Sept. 1936. Her mother was 28 years old, a secretary, with a college degree. It is believed she had an affair with a man who was not married, but later married someone else. He was 33 years old, an engineer, and of Irish-Catholic decent. If anyone has found their birth mother who lived at the Willows at the time my mother's mother did - do you have any information that could help us? Any help is greatly appreciated!

From: Jack ( Born 3-29-45 as "Van McHavelan" Lab report shows birthmother's first name was June. Both parents were 42: mother 5'4", German-Spanish-English, high school, sales work; father 5'10", English-Irish, MD, violin and pipe organ. I'm in Michigan, the mother who raised me died recently & I have no children or (known) siblings. My birth parents are either very old or deceased, if records are accurate, but I'm still hopeful of finding half-sibling(s). Also, at my age of 56, health history would be very useful.

From: Tracy J. ( Searching for any information about a 8lb baby girl bon at the willows on or about 5-6-1935. Birth parent info is Mother 15/16 year old named alma "ruth" eldred..... father 22 yr old oscar potter... mother lived at home at the time of the birth, father was married with 2 children. Any info... or suggestions on how to begin searching will be greatly appreciated!!! Tracy :)

From: Grandville W J. ( ) Looking for B mom. I'm a friend of Granville W Jenkins who was born at the Willows on Sept 11, 1946 under the name Harry Wood. I'm sending another message because the e-mail address has changed. Please if there is any info please contact us.

From: Paul ( Tomorrow is my adopted brothers birthday. We are in search of his birth family. Born 4/19/65 @ 2:15 pm.8lbs,2oz. B-mom was 21, b-dad was 25. Name given at birth was Zane H???

From: John L. ( I was born at the Willows on 4-12-1950 at 12:10 AM. Mother was 27 years old, weighed 128lbs and was 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. Med brown hair and brown eyes. She studied the piano for 5 years and was a secretary. Father was 29 years old, weighed 215 lbs, and was 6 foot 3 inches tall. Brown hair and hazel eyes. Lived on a ranch. The name Richard Stumpff appears on one document but I am unsure if that was an assigned name or my real name. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

From: Rollin Wayne C. ( Born April 18, 1942 at the Willows. Birth mother was named Alice and was fifteen at that time. The father was 18 and a farmer boy and a high school grad. My name given to me at that time was Phillip Ellis. Anyone having any information please contact me at the above e-mail address. While certainly disappointed at the lack of assistance from the state, one can be thankful that there was such a place as the Willows rather than the abortion clinics of today.

From: Nancy L. ( I was recently reunited with my birthmother with the help of the Missouri court. Although "non- identifying info" was NOT in my social file, there was enough correct info on my birth certificate to warrant making the search. She was found in four days. We've exchanged letters and spoken on the phone and plan for a meeting soon. I'd put the search off for so long because I thought it would be impossible, but from start to finish, it took about six months. The circle is complete.

From: Doug D. ( I am male and was born at Willows Maternity Sanitarium on 11/27/1951. I was adopted by a Michigan couple at about 3 months of age. My birthname was Norman Bornkessel. My mother came over from Germany until I was born and supposedly returned after my birth. She was 5 ft. 5 blonde, blue eyes. She was a officer worker and graduated from high school and had 3 years of piano training. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

From: Keri K. ( Baby Girl born 8/8/65 Willows 11:58 p.m. I am seeking any information on my birth family. I have received my non-identifying information and it was a joy to read. My B-mom was in college at the time and I guess her personality was awesome - very bubbly. My B-dad was in college with her, member of a fraternity and played baseball. My B-mom continued with classes while at the Willows - was planning on being a kindergarten teacher. My maternal grandfather died of diabetes shortly after returning from Vietnam....that really worries me. If my B-mom reads this and chooses not to contact me, please know that you have three adorable grandchildren who know about you and your incredible love for me. Contact me when you are ready!!!! To bedgie - thank you so much for this wonderful page. I have been glued to the computer for hours now looking at the photos, reading the stories, reading postings to the guestbook. I think your work here is so needed and is very appreciated by me for sure.

From: Dawn G. ( 1905-1910 adoption - info on Hughes Sanitarium? I know this is a site for Willows Sanitarium (my great aunt had a son there) but I was wondering if anyone knew of the "Hughes Sanitarium" (U.S.G.Hughes/John Hughes?) in 1905-1910? My grandfather was adopted and that name keeps returning in conversations. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

From: Laurie D. ( Margaret Miller b. 1/16/22. How exciting to find this site! My 79 yo Mom has always wondered. Now she finds some inner peace. Mom was b. at Willows? w/Dr. Jno W. Kepner delivering. They called her "A beautiful redheaded baby girl" She was given the above name at birth. She was adopted 4/22/22 to Joe & May Adey, In KS juvenile ct. Judge E.E. Porterfield. Moms guardian listed as Hal. H. Thurston on adopt.papers. Family talk was that possibly her father was a family member either her adptv father or uncle? & for medical reasons need facts. Also family dr/friend in Savanna, Ill. Dr. Metheny (sp?)who had wanted to adopt her. Mom loved playing with his daughter. Has fond memories of visits. Mom has felt empty, missing the details of her bparents. Does anyone have info? Did Dr. Kepner do deliveries anywhere else in 1922? Mom's hair was very red at birth. Birthcert. shows usual resid. of mother as Ill., Carroll Co. My gparents had 5 boys,then lost a girl and adopted Mom then had another boy then girl. After the birth of this "natural" girl Mom was never good enough! And was reminded of this throughout her life by her Mother, she is now close to this sister and they look much alike which leads us to believe that bio-gpa is a relative. Family names, Adey & Adams. THANK YOU BEDGIE... for creating this site for us. It is wonderful for Mom to finally see where she may have been born. It brings tears to our eyes to see the pictures and details and to know we are not the only ones searching. Thanks Again.

From: Amy K. ( My father was born Ralph Bratley at Willows on March 4, 1930. His birth mother was a rural teacher and his father was a farmer, both in their 30s. His adoptive name became Paul Larson. He died in 1972, but I am seeking the Bratley's to put together the pieces of his story. Thank you.

From: Elizabeth M. ( I'm trying to help my friend, Karen Watson, find her birth mother and/or half-siblings. Karen was born on May 19, 1938, at the Willows to Norma Morton. Karen was given the birth name, "Lucita Morton." Norma Morton was around 16 to 18 years of age at the time, was a high school student, and was of English-Irish extraction. Her occupation was listed as "Farmer Boy," as was the birthfather's. That may be a place, rather than an occupation. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Thank you.

From: Lynn S. (Lynnand Looking Ellen TANZEY think she maybe was a maid. Her name was in some papers given to me by my father. His name at birth was Franklin TANZEY She maybe connected in some way to him..possibly his bith mother.. He was born July 02, 1937, in Willows Hosp. in Jackson Co. Mo. The attending physician was D. T. Van Del of KC. Mo.. He was taken home by his adopted parents Pearl and Milly Lonnon from Great bend KS July 13,1937. The Supertenant at the time was a Cora M Haworth. Looking for some help in finding his parents due to medical problems. Lynn Smith

From: Joanne B. ( Willows Maternity Hospital Nurse. My mother, Lydia Rathke, graduated from Willows on April 18, 1936 after being a student there for 15 months. Are there any of her classmates still alive? Are there class reunions?

From: Rick S. ( I was born at the willows on 05/21/47 at 1:45 am. I was initally named Harlan Henry. My bmother was 17 yrs. old and of Dutch-Irish extraction. I would like her to know that I am glad that she brought me into this world. I've had a great life with many blessings but there's one page of my life that's missing.

From: Karen A. ( Helping husband search for sister. My name is Norman Artas and I am searching for my only birth sister who we believe was born at the Willows in April of 1951. She was given up for adoption right after her birth. My mothers name is Ina Artas. I have no brothers or sisters except for the sister who was given up for adoption. I have no more information. please email me if this birtdate or name sounds familiar.

From: John. I just wanted to let everyone know that although records at the Willows were apparently destroyed, portions of some or maybe most are duplicated by the Jackson County, MO Juvenile Court. They may also be in the local Juvenile Court of the State of the Adopotive parents. I received my records with all information from the State of KS, where my adoptive parents lived (KS has open records). Although the adoption was started in MO, it was transfered and completed in Kansas. I got a duplicate record from MO with the important data blacked out. The records included copies of several pages of informational sheets on my birth mother completed at the Willows. So make sure you check with the state that you were adopted in since there may be some information there including some records from the Willows.

From: Connie ( My mom was born Feb.2, 1945 at the Willows, father in the Navy 17yrs old..possible last name of Whitaker and birth name Constance...any info would be greatly appreciated..adopted parents Ed and Mary Nation.

From: Connie ( Looking for my son born at the Willows on June 29, 1968 at 6:50 p.m. His birth name was Bruce. My doctor was Dr. Slickman. Memories of the Willows are wonderful and hope my son will contact me. Keep up the good work on a wonderful site!!

From: Heather B. ( Wilma Campbell McCraw, nurse's aide at the Willows 1930s. My grandmother worked at the Willows sometime before 1937. Her maiden name was Wilma G. Campbell, and the name of her first husband was McCraw. Our family is still unclear about when she worked there, either as a single woman or widow. If you remember my grandmother, please give me a note.- Heather Blair

From: Roxanna K. Y. ( I was born at The Willows July 22,l938 at 4:25pm. Weight at birth 6-7-1/2oz. Description of Parentage: Mother l7 years, Weight l00lbs. Light brown hair, brown eyes. Education: Grades and a year of high school. Plays a stringed instrument. Living at home. American of Eng-Irish extraction. Father 31, Weight 172, 6 ft., blond curly hair and blue eyes. High school and business training. Salesman. American of Eng-Irish extraction. The doctors name was Dr. E. L. Stewart, suite 517 Shukert Bldg., Kansas City Missouri. Patients name: Merll. My parents were notified August 6, l938 & arrived August 10th at 9:00am to start the procedings. My birth mothers name was either Bollen or Bolten. My parents ( Leitha & Clarence Kuhl) are both deceased. My birth mother, if living, would be 79. Any information would be appreciated. It is time I know who I am. Please E-Mail. God bless all concerned.

From: Ellen ( 11-9-43, Female, born at The Willows. Hi, my name is Ellen ,and I am trying to help my mother find information about her birthmom. The information we have so far is as follows: BM: Possibly Mary "Hopper" 5'2, 117lbs, age 17 Dark Hair, Brown eyes, Grade school education, worked as waitress, possibly Irish, Scottish, Dutch, BF: No known name, 5'6, 136lbs, age 26, Black hair, brown eyes, Grade school education, Possibly Defense worker, American-German. My mother's birth name was Sandra Hopper, and E P Haworth was the person in charge of her adoption. If anyone reads this and has any info, PLEASE email me at: We are desperate for medical info. Thanx! And good luck to everyone!

From: Mary ( I would like to find B-mom's who was at the Willows from Jan. to April 1965. I am looking for a birth mom who was at the willows during this time. She was 21 and gave birth to my adopted brother on 4/19/65. So all of you B-mom's out there that was there during this time... call me or e-mail me. (573) 729-2539


From: Greg S. ( Boy 4/7/35. My father was born Joseph Otto. His mother was listed as 16. Her family had a grocery business and she had brothers. The father was 21 and his family was in the construction business. He was told to be of German Decent. He was adopted to Albert and Marion Shireman. He would like to someday thank his parents for the fantastic childhood and parents he was given to. Great site, any suggestions on finding his parents would be welcomed. To those just checking on him, after fighting cancer and heart disease, he's doing great. Praise God. Somebody's Grandson, Greg

From: Mary ( I am the adopted sister helping in the search of my brothers biological family. Here is some of his information. Baby Zane H. born at the Willows on 4/19/65 at 2:15pm, 8lbs. 2oz.Bmom was in labor for 7 hrs and 17min. Bmom was 21yrs. 5'6" 275 lbs. Came to the willows on Jan. 29th 1965. Bfather was never told of the pregnacy, Bdad had a 3 year son old at the time of conception. Bdad was 25 and 5' 11" and 230 lbs. Bmom's family owned a trucking co. Bmom's father died of a heart attack at the age of 52, the year 1958. Bmom would now be about 56 yeras of age. If any of this sounds familiar to anyone please e-mail me @, or call 573-729-2539, I am baby Zane's adopted sister helping him in his search for his biological history that he so rightly deserves to have. Thank you, Mary Michno

From: Faye (r.) S. ( I was born at the Willows 8-14-1936 on my crib card was Baby Faye Rogers. My mothers given name was Virginia she was 20 my father was 28. He was a carpenter. My mother was a home girl,I feel sure that Rogers was her surname. She had gray eyes and brown hair. My father had blue eyes and black hair. He was English and she was Irish. If any mothers remember Virginia in the summer of 1936 please let me know.Good Luck to all that are searching.

From: Sheila N. ( I need to know who I am! I was adopted threw the Willows in 1960. by Dale & Gloria Loveland, from Tulsa Ok. B-Mom's name is Betty Riggs. I am female with a rare blood type, and have been told that I do have siblings on my moms side. I need to find both of my birth parents because of my blood type. I know nothing about my B-Dad except that I have been told that he was a pilot in the army, and he flew choppers. if you can help me I would be ever greatful, I have been looking for so long and nothing. I NEED to know who I am, at the willows they called me Marsha. please help if you can. Sheila Norris.

From: Todd K. ( I was born at the willows 9-11-64 at 5:52 a.m. I'm searching for my birthmom or family. I'm doing this because I need to know for my personal self to have some kind of closure in my life. I can understand if you don't want to info yourself.

From: Jill M. ( Addition to previous message & new e-mail adress. Looking for any info on birthparents of baby Carroll Adams born 6/10/39 @ 2:00am 6lb4oz. birthmom name is velma-she weighed 175lb, 5ft4in,brown wavy hair, hazel eyes. she was a high school graduate w/ some piano study. Swedish/Irish/Scotch/English descent. Birthfather was 20 yrs. old w/ blonde hair,brown eyes. He had a grade school education. Scotch/Irish descent. His father & grandfather were farmers and were new to the area. Both parents were protestants. Mom entered the Willows in April of 1939-gave birth on 6/10/39. Richard b. Kirwan is listed as guardian. Baby was taken from the Willows 7/6/39. Letter for completion of adoption written 5/7/40 by Miss Mabel Garrett from county of Jackson adoption dept. Adopted name Bob Clark.

From: Rene U. ( I was born at The Willows in Kansas City, Missouri on March 15, 1926. Birth mothers name is Lucille Underwood, age 15, at time of my birth. I would appreciate hearing from anyone knowing or related to Lucille. Have been searching for the last fifty years.

From: Faye S. ( Well I was hoping by my birthday this year I might know something about my B-mother Virginia. Aug 14th has gone by nothing. I wonder if the state of Mo. will ever open our records. I hope and pray they do. Good Luck To All that are looking. Faye Rogers Stowe

From: P K. ( I am looking for any information concerning the adoption of my father from the Willows. He was born December 15, 1917. His name at birth was Kenneth Standforth. His mom was short, stocky and was named Pearl Standforth from Ill. She was a nurse. Any information would be appriciated.

From: Faye (R.) S. ( I was born at the Willows 8-14-1936 my name was Faye Rogers. My birth mother's name was Virginia. I have a birthday coming soon. I will be 64 yrs old, would love to find out anything about me. Thanks Faye

From: Tonya B. ( I am looking for any one who may have known my mother Beverly Lee McAtee who later married Larry Scogin she was at the Willows some time between 1953 to 1959 not sure what date. She had twins Sherry and Terry two girls, one passed away @ 6weeks old. I was told. Any way please contact me if you have any info. Thank you. Tonya

From: Judee R. ( I was born 8-20-36 and named Mona Lee by my mother Jaunita Vernon. My mother was 17 when I was born at the Willows. I would love to find anyone who knew her that summer of 1936 or any siblings born to her later.

From: Susan ( I'd like to add some more info to my previous listing. My birth mother's name was Gail (or Gayle) Renick (or Rennick). I was told that she and my birth father were both Lutheran and of German descent. I was born on February 27, 1955. I am interested in finding out more about both of my birth parents.

From: John S. ( Born at Willows on 10/10/1968. Birth father may have played basketball in college.

From: Mary E D. ( born 6:am 5/18/48 bm 16, bf 18 given name of Kathleen. Interested in finding birthfamily. Adoptive parents encouraged to look. Have brother adopted at Willows also, born 12/14/52.

From: Sally ( Reunited Willows Birthmom. I was at The Willows from 3/58 to 7/58 - my daughter was born 7/4/58. We were reunited through ISRR on 11/30/98. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who was at The Willows when I was. I agree with everyone who has said we were treated respectfully. This is a great site, so glad I found it. To those still searching, I wish success!

From: Tracy V. ( My grandmother gave birth to a child when she was 16 on or close to March 6, 1935 we do not have much, we know the child was a girl, 8# have both birth parents names, the baby was adopted by a couple in the tulsa, ok area. any one with any information that might help us please respond.

From: Granville W. J. ( I'm helping a friend search for his birth parents. He was born Sept. 11, 1946 under the name Harry Wood. He was adopted on Oct. 18, 1946. He has proof that he was born at the Willows. Please send any and all information to me (his friend) to above E-Mail address. Also if there are any other women there at the time of my birth and know anything of my bmother please write.

From: Faye Ellen S. ( I was born in 8/14/1936 at the Willows. On my crib card my name was Baby Faye Rogers my bmothers name was Virginia ?Dr.D.T.Van Del was my doc. My amother was Mildred(Fisher)Busch. I now have children grandchildren and g-grandchildren, love to tell them something about me. Good luck to all Faye Stowe. e-mail

From: Sharon T. ( My father was born at the willows. We have little information, and am inquiring for help finding out about his birthname, etc. We were told his birth family surname may be Christofferson. My dad's adopted name is kenneth eugene gladhill. i was told that his birth name may have been eugene christofferson. my dad died in 1985, and a few months before his death he made a trip to kansas city to find out information about his birth. he had no luck. it is a personal dream to help fulfill this promise to find out where he came from, and about his biological parents. we have no crib card or anything to go by. would love to find out something if possible. i read an article related to the willows and it was stated that all records were burned in the back yard in the 1960's. i am hoping that some records can be found. thank you--sharon thach

From: Jane ( Born at Willows 10/23/47. I was born at 11:30 am and weighed 6 lbs. Name on adoption decree was Ruby Buckner. Am not actively looking for bmom or family, but would like to let her know all turned out fine and to thank her. Would like to hear from anyone who was there or was born around the same time. Thank you, Bedgie, for this site!

From: Shawn R. ( Change in E-Mail Address

From: Jane F. ( Willows baby searching for Birthparents. Baby Bonnie was the name on my crib card. I was born 01/10/44 I'd be grateful for an information.

From: Terry P. ( Old post has incorrect email..please note new one for anyone out there maybe searching for MACK (last name) born at Willows in l944...thanks....

From: Mary E. M. ( I was born at the willows on 2/19/67. I found my b-parents on 3/12/2000, after searching for 2 days. My a-brother was also born at the willows on 4/19/65, we are still searching for his b-famiy. I am very interested in any information on the willows during the time of my brothers birth up until the closing in 69. If anyone knows and is willing to share with me, I would be greatful. All those searching I wish all the best and I pray that one day all the unanswered questions get answered. For 33 years of my life I wondered who I was and where I came from. No one seems to even begin to understand the emptiness that one feels of not knowing who they really are. I am so thankful that I don't have to wonder working on getting open records. It goes to the senate for voting some time in the near future.I wish the best to all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers that you too will find what your looking for.

From: Vicki ( I am looking for my fathers birthparents. He was born at Willow's on January 17, 1948. The name on his birth record was DEAN KENNEDY. His mother was 24 years old at the time and was listed as having woked as a nurse. The father was about the same age. Please let me know if you have any information whatsoever or are a person who happened to have given birth to a child at the Willow's at the same time that my father was born. Thank you very much.

From: Anna C. ( Father and Aunt adopted from Willows- Father born 3.11.28 -Aunt born 11.05.31. My Father is very intrested in finding info about his bparents. His adoptive parents are now deceased. His bmoms name is possibly Dorothy and she attended Univ. of Missouri, her father was a banker. The bfather was a 23 year old medical student. My fathers birth name was Winston Bailey. His bmom played the cello and quite possibly had Eclampsyia at 6 or 7 months. I think her name might be Dorothy Patton? He was adopted by a wonderful family in Minn. His adoptive Dad was a physician and found out about my father through a physician friend who worked at Willows by the first name of HUGH. Any info out there? Please help. My Aunt was adopted by the same family and she was born at the Willows on Nov.10.1931 and was given the name Wynema Mallinson. Her bmothers possible last name could be Bonadell? Bmom was 21 years old,dark bwn hair and hazel eyes. HS graduate and 3 years nursing training.

From: Sandy ( I am helping my boyfriend search for his birth family. He was born at the Willows 4/19/65. His birthname was possibly Zane and his parents were young and in college.

From: David P. K. ( I was born at the Willows Feb 16, 1945. Mother on records listed as "Betty." My name on original adoption decree is "Peter Gronemeyer." The parental history card from the Willows says by bmother was 20 yrs old, 150#, 5"6" and bfather was 22 yrs old, 175#, 6'2", then in the Navy. Accompanying letter says bfather's father was a Navy officer, bmother was Protestant and bfather was Catholic. Bmother's father was a salesman and she had 2 brothers. Bfather had a sister. Anyone with any information please contact me by email, address above.

From: Julie ( Last name at birth: Mooradian....My sister and I are blood sisters, born at the Willows 09-25-1945 & 09-21-1947. We were both adopted by the same family in Minnesota and are looking for our birth mother and any brothers or sisters. bmother was Pa. Dutch & some Armenian. Father was Irish with 1 year college in engineering, then in the Army. Please send e-mail to the above address, this person is helping us locate any information about our bmother and any other family. Thank you

From: Dorothy N. ( Success!! I have learned that my bio-mom died before I was able to find her, but have found three half sisters and a half brother by her. Not too long after this, my bio-dad found me! We have since met and now get together every month, getting to know each other. The information on your site has been very helpful to me. Thanks so much!!! You can take me off the "searching" list!

From: Gary ( Willows searchers should be interested in HB 1216 slowly making its way through Missouri legis. It would allow access to original birth certificates. see info at and additional discussion at Support Missouri

From: Elin ( REUNITED! Our search is over. On Thursday. 3/9, my brother was watching the "Maury Povitch" show on adoption. He logged on to an adoption registry reunion site they gave and within 4 hours we were on the phone with him My mother had already been registered and they matched their information. Everything is going great! Both sides are elated, although still in shock. We've exchanged emails & pictures and hope for a face-to-face reunion in the near future. You can take Carlyle and von Riesen off your "searching" list. Good luck to everyone!

From: Tammy O. ( I am seeking a brother or sister born at Willows either 1954 or 1955? Last name of biological mother is Rusert(Russert). Mother's first name Helen from St.Louis,Mo. Any information,PLEASE leave message at this site or e-mail.

From: Ken C. ( born at the willow's 1-21-61 as Harold Forest Rowings. Believe was named after family member. I have brown hair and blue eyes, with a slender muscular build. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to meet my bmother. I was told birthparents were each divorced and had children but did not marry because siblings didn't get along. they would have been in their thirties if the story is true. Would like to find any info about bmom due to my son having kidney disease. I have two other children that could be at risk. Would like to be contacted by any bmom that would have been at the Willow's in late 1960 that may have known mine. I was taken to St. Anthony's childrens home after birth where I was given to my adoptive parents John & Barbara Campbell. I was in their care for almost 1 year before adoption was final. Have had wonderful life but somethings missing. Please contact me if you can help.

From: Brenda ( Willow's Baby DOB 5/10/31, given the name WILLIAM YOUNGER. Looking for bfamily. Have lots of info. from Willows correspondence about my dad's bmom & bdad, but can I trust it? Says bmom was cultured, refined, & fine looking...bdad lives w/farm parents. Dad was given the WILLIAM YOUNGER name, but did that name belong to one of his birth parents? Please write if you have info.

From: Gary M. ( Born at Willows as Bernard Leemon on or about June 28, 1947. Looking for bmother or any info. Went with my aparents to adopt a sister born June 26, 1951 at Willows. Drove past the building many times on subsequent KC trips. Just read all guestbook entries. All our stories are remarkably similar--the Willows found us good parents who loved us and raised us well. We just want to find mom to tell her everything worked out fine.

From: Nancy W. ( Willows Adoptee Girl 1950. Assisting my best friend in a search for her birthmom. Nancy Wahl is birthname on adoption certificate born July 2, 1950. Were birthmoms asked if they wanted to write a letter to the adoptee and have it attached to the county records in case the adoptee ever wanted to search? After all these years of not ever wanting to interrupt her birthmother's life -- Nancy is very grateful to have been given life when her mom had a choice -- even in 1950! Where DO we start to look? ... Is there ANYONE out there who was a birthmom at the Willows during this time frame we can talk to via email?? Before we start talking to the state etc we want to be sure we do this correctly at each step along the way ... Thank you to anyone willing to get us started.

From: Shirley ( Born 2/2/31, given name, Earline Jacobs..Adopted from Willows. Have Lymphoma and am looking for any family members possibly still living. Mother was 17 when she had me. Was adopted by Leatha and Charles Nunn of Macomb, Ill. both adoptive parents are deceased.

From: Norma S. ( I am a reunited Willows bmom ... my son was born at the Willows in 1962 and we've been reunited since 1983. I was sent to the Willows in November 1961 when I was 5 mo pregnant with my first child. My son was born on March 16, 1962, and with a lot of help from a stranger, really, who lived in KCMO, I was able to find my son in 1983. We have since met and continue to have an ongoing relationship. I remember the Willows experience vividly, including Mrs. Haworth, and most of the girls who were there at that time. The physician at that time was Dr. Slickman. I would love to find and hear from some of the other Willows bmoms who were there in the early sixties. Thanks for your wonderful page!!!

From: Elva M. ( I was born at Willows on 2/15/30. My bmother's name was Corrine Murray and I was given the name of Elva Murray. We have original adoption papers and birthcertificate. We are interested in obtaining social and medical information. Please contact us by e-mail. Thank you.

From: joni h. ( I would like to talk with any birthmothers who were at the willows anytime from May of 58 to June of 58. i would like to see if you remember my mother. maybe you can help us. thank you

From: M K C. ( I was also born at the Willows on October 6, 1929. My bfathers name was Shafer with mother unknown. I was adopted by the Clement family from Tulsa OK 3 weeks after birth. I am seeking any & all information if possible---maybe a sibling? Both parents were in their 20's. He worked for the RR with some college & she a gifted pianoist. Has anyone been suscessful in getting any of their records from the Court House, old lawyers, Hospitals, etc? Also does anyone know if a judge would release these records considering age? Any & all response will be greatly appreciated.

From: Jay E. ( I was born at the Willows 2/21/47. My birth name was Allen Stewart. Looking for birth mother. Would like to talk with a any mother who might have been at the Willows around that time. Would like to find more information about birth mother. I am led to believe she died during child birth. If you might remember anything from the Willows during the winter of '46-47 I would love to talk or correspond with you. Jay Edwards

From: Stan G. ( Born at the Willows on May 16, 1949. Trying to obtain birth certificate and any information of birth parents. I was named Leonard Shilobrit at birth. Description of mother was age 30, 5ft, 4in, lt brown hair, hazel eyes of Amer. Polish extraction. Father was 37, 5ft, 4in, blond, blue eyes, American of Norwegian extraction. If anyone has any information of my birth parents or how I can obtain a legal birth certificate, please send email to: (my wife's address)

From: Mike ( There is a group that is trying to get legislation passed to get their original birth certificates. The group's name is Missouri Open 2000. For more information contact I'm sure they can use all the active support and paticipation.

From: Cindy ( I was born at the Willows on November, 28, 1968 at 2:18 am. The nursery care receipt given to my adoptive parents, signed by M. Haworth, gave the name Baby Stacey. I am seeking any birth family. Biomother was 15yr., of Irish/Dutch/French descent, member of Rainbow Girls. Biofather was 16yr., Irish descent, worked at his grandfather's filling station. Any info anyone may have, please contact me.

From: Liz B. ( Searching for any info (or help on finding it)on birth parents of my mother-in-law, born Thelma Kline, Apr.18,1918 at The Willows. Bm name Marie Kline. This info attached to a letter she rec'd from Mrs. Haworth in 1968 in reply to her request for copy of birth cert.Adopted by Harry & Olive Claypool, Amherstburg, Ont., Canada. Adoptive name Roberta. My mother-in-law now deceased but I'd like the info for my children.Have copy of birth cert. in adoptive name, receipt from Willows for "adoption services" ($18) and adoption decree from Circuit Court of Jackson Co. with birth name. I saw copy of original birth cert. at one time but it has disappeared. Many thanks for setting up this site, and good luck to all those who are searching for birth families, especially those who may be reunited with a parent or sibling.

From: Lorri ( My grandmother now gene helen ross loreant was born 8-2-1919 at the willows. She was adopted by DR. william H. Ross and his wife Bernice. Her crib card reads as follows: ?Mother 20 years wt. 125, physical build 5/7 ½ “ hair black,eyes brown, education business course and 1 year hs. Violin and piano lessons, bookeeper. Father 20 years wt. 140 physical build 5'9" dark brown hair and blue grey eyes. Education: hs granduate, auto mobile mechanic and raised on a farm. My grandmothers birth name is: Byrl Smith Mother s name signed on juvenile court records Helen Smith. After writing for birth record I too received the revised version with adopted parents. My grandmother is 80 now and not of the greatest health. I would love to help her find that missing link she has longed to fulfill. If anyone has any pointers please write to me at

From: Nancy C. Sister born at the willows maternity. I have learned that in March 06, 1935 {or possibly shortly after} my mother Alma "Ruth" Eldred who was 16 years old her birthdate also being 03-06 gave birth to a baby girl the child was placed with a middle aged couple from the Tulsa Ok area. The father was 22, maybe 23 at the time. anyone with information PLEASE call 417-525-4859

From: Ann D. ( I was born at the willows 10/13/1932. My given name was Barbara Gregory and I do not know my birth parents. If anyone should have any info please fax me.

From: Phil G. ( Another Superior Baby From The Willows. Hi. Baby John here from 9 Nov 1941 (pre-war...just) I was adopted by the Walter Grebners of Sterling, Illinois and moved to California just after WWII so I got to grow up on the golden beachs of La Jolla while they were still unspoiled. I really don't have any kind of a search going although I have asked the clerk of the court about information and got a really smarmy letter back. Almost enough to go for it on general principles, but I have been busy myself raising a family and now enjoying grandkids. However, if the kids want to go for it, have at it. :-) Phil Grebner

From: Ronald R. M. ( I was born at the Willows March 25, 1940. One birth certificate I have states another live birth indicating a sibling. I was adopted by loving parents Roy and Mae Morton of East Gary, In. at the time. They are both deceased. I had red hair when there was any (ha) now turning grey. I have brown eyes. Hoping there is someone with info. on red-hair babies in the 40's. Besides having red hair and brown eyes I have found that both birth parents were 28. Mother was of German-English ancestry and "living at home" She was lutheran. Father was of Irish ancestry and "Christian" and a farmer. What was surprising was the ages. I thought that they would be younger. I was born March 25, 1940 and placed in a loving home May 9, 1940. Can anyone help further. Pleas e-mail.

From: Ruth F. ( DOB 3-21-1937 at Willows. Birth name Judith Arnet. Records sealed. Have ammended birth certificate. Also court record showing number, page number book number and date. Dr.was D.T. VanDel. Did he only work at the Willows? Did they deliver all babies at the home? Was told birth parents musical and in a music school 18 & 20. Adoptive parents both deceased. Medical records needed. Would also like to find out birth parents names and general information about them. Any help greatly appreciated and finding bedgie's guestbook was a wonderful surprise.

From: Becky ( Searching for my brother. I think he was born at the willows in 1947. I want to find my big brother as mom wanted. There are so many brickwalls, can anyone help those of us that are searching?

From: Pam A. ( My grandmother: Born August 13, 1910 Birth name - Angie Wilcoxon Birth mother - Cora Wilcoxon; Adopted thru Willows Maternity Sanitarium Adoptive name - Berenice Zella Matthews Adoptive parents: Mathew and Vassielonia Matthews

From: Anne K. S. ( I just found out about your guestbook. My father, born at the Willows on Sept. 3, 1930, was given the name of Clarence. We located the family of my birth Grandmother, Charlotte Birkner, but have not yet found the name of my birth grandfather. Charlotte was the daughter of a Protestant minister, German and 42 years old when my father was born. All we know of my birth grandfather is that he was 45 years old, Irish and Catholic. Any suggestions on how I might continue the search for birth grandfather's name and hopefully locate his family?

From: ( I was born at Willow's July 13,1947. I have non-id info and my birth-name. What do I do next in my search? Any suggestions. My birth mother entered the Willows in early April.. What states did most of the birth-mothers come from? I was also adopted through the Jackson County Court to a Missouri couple. Please e-mail me with any information that could help in my search.

From: Perry G. ( I was born at the Willows in May of 1939 and only began my search 4 years ago. Through some help from The Adoption Network Cleveland, The Jackson County Family Court, detective work and some help from internet helpers, I found my birthmother's family. My birthmother died about 10 years ago. However, a big "hole" in my life has been filled and I have a better understanding of myself and where I came from. My advice...If you want to search, don't give up...keep trying and you very well may succeed!!

From: Paul K. ( Father born @ willows 2/1/30. My father was born at The Willows. I have his baby book. It list his 1st visitor as Gertrude Gentry & the nurse was a Miss Khiff. If either of these names have turned up in your searches, please let me know. My own children are in their late teens & we would like to know more about our family history. Thanks for this page.

From: Nancy T. ( Born at the Willows 2-28-67, name on decree of adoption was Greta Giles. Biomom was 20, biodad was 21. To birthmom,your father was an opothamologist you had a 400 acre farm and a brother who was 11 when I was born. Please contact me....

From: lin k.  ( a "Willows" cousin found us.....his birth relatives! This is a wonderful warms my heart and makes me feel grateful to have had a loving close family all these years. I had a beloved aunt who died about 8 years ago alone in this world...never married, no children.....then we met **P** , our cousin, HER SON born at Willows!! A wonderful, warm father and grandfather now. Evidently he had searched for many years to no avail, then just struck gold. He traveled 500 miles to meet us-his extended bfamily last yr...a joyous reunion..this is a wonderful site..thank you for giving me a glimpse of my family's history..and my prayers of goodwill go to all of you in your quests..hang in there!

From: Carol A D. ( I was at the Willows from January, 1964 until March, 1964. We were all treated wonderfully and respectfully. I have some good memories of my stay there, even tho I had to leave without my most precious possession, my daughter. My daughter found me thru I.S.R.R. I had registered in 1987 and she found me this week in December, 1998. To all of you trying to find each other - don't give up!! This could happen to you. My daughter Kathy Dayberry and I talked for the first time last Monday! We plan to meet in January. She had a good life with loving parents and I am so thankful for this. To any who were at the Willows (Jane Zay, etc)- please email me.I just returned from visiting my beautiful birthdaughter and ALL her wonderful family. I now have a whole other family and love them dearly. There really are fairytale endings, after all. Kathy and I are proof of that. Kathy Dayberry, my birthdaughter, was born March 9, 1964 at the Willows. I had a great time at the Willows, considering the circumstances, and was treated with the utmost respect. I made some good friends at that time and would love to hear from all of you. Please note my new email address. Even tho I live in Wi., I consider KC, MO. my second home. Kathy's family, from the fantastic couple who adopted and loved her all these 35 years, to her brother, her grandmother, and all her aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, etc., are the most amazing people in the world. I was greated with ' literally' open arms and unconditional love! I will never foget them and hope to visit again soon. Also much, much love to my GREAT son-in-law.

From: Kathy D. ( I was born at the Willows on March 9, 1964 at 11:43 a.m. My birth mother was 19 years old at the time and my birth father was 20 years old. I believe my birth mother's name to Barbara DeFeo. If this sounds familiar to you, please e-mail me. I would like to just talk to you at least once. On Sept 17, 1998, I put in a request for anyone who had info about my bmother. Today, on December 14, 1998, I found and spoke with my bmother. I had registered with I.S.R.R. and they found a match. For anyone who is looking for a bparent, don't give up hope. Good luck!! Some of the new messages I just read noted they were looking for non-identifying info on their bparents. If you were adopted thru the Missouri courts from the Willows, you can write or call the County Courthouse and ask for the Family Court Division and talk to Rosalee Schottel. The address is Circuit Court of Jackson County, Family Court Division, 625 E 26th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108-2719. Phone 816/435-4788. It costs $50 processing fee. I got my non-identifying info from her and then found my bmom a couple of months later with the help of ISRR. Good Luck!!! Feel free to email me if anyone wants to. I was born at the Willows March, 1964.

From: Paula B. ( I was born at The Willows on July 19, 1964. Obviously, I do not remember Ms. Haworth. ;) I was adopted by the Belingers of Kansas City, MO. Anybody looking for me?

From: Janet F. B. ( Searching for baby boy born about 1911/12/13 and adopted from the Willows. My uncle fathered a boy, probably in Moniteau County, and my grandfather, Dr. O.P. Farrington delivered the baby at the home of the mother "a large farm girl" and took the baby to the Willows for adoption. This has been a long-kept family secret which we only discovered hence the delay in the search for the family of this boy.

From: John L. ( ISRR is the International Soundex Reunion Registry. From the Web Page ( "The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the world's largest reunion registry and is a free service. Get your registration form by sending a Self- Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

P.O. Box 2312
Carson City, Nevada
You can reach them by phone at (775) 882-7755

From: Fayth ( Sibling born later part of Sept 1956 at The Willows. Specific day unknown. Birth mother was from Wisconsin. Maiden name Graham. Married name Cornish. Birth father name Darrell Cornish also lived in Wisconsin. Parents had 3 previous daughters. Sisters desire to find their sibling. Both parents deceased.

From: Sandy ( My father was born at the Willows on March 18, 1941. He still has the correspondance between the Willows and his adoptive parents. In the correspondance his mother was stated to be American of German extraction and 19 yrs old. His father is stated to be American of Swedish or Danish extraction and 26 yrs old. The name given in the correspondance for my father was Gerald Neuharth. He was adopted by a couple from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Please email if you have any info. Thanks.

From: Nadine ( Looking for any information on birth mother, Eunice Worthington. I was born September 23, 1922 and would like to know about her. She was from Wirt, Carter Co., OK and returned there after my adoption. She gave me the first name of Mila and my adoptive parents called me Nadine. She also came to Union Station the day I was given to my adoptive mother. Could anyone tell me what ISRR means, how do I contact? Thanks

From: Terrie B. F. ( I gave birth to baby boy on March 01 1959. I have no desire to intrude on his life, but would like him to know That I love him and hope he has had a good life. I would very much like to talk to other Birth mothers from The Willows, That was a time of my life that noone else can understand except for someone who was there. Perhaps there might even be someone out there that remembers me, I remember well Mrs. Haworth, Dr.Love and Miss Skelton.. Does anyone else? Please feel free to contact me. I do have a Name but no reunion yet God bless all in their search.

From: John ( Thank you for this site. I was thinking of setting one up myself directly related to the Willows. I am searching for my birth father. I have found my birth mother (last name Partello) but she has not responded to me yet. I was born 4/27/63. My father was around 28 and was a butcher at the time. Also for those looking, contact the State where you were adopted, not just Missouri. I was adopted in KS and was able to obtain all available records from KS (it included my bmoms name) - KS has open records.

From: Lorraine ( BIRTHMOM TO GIRL BORN 6-22-67 at The Willows. ok to e-mail me :-)

From: Kathy ( I am writing for a friend. She was born at the Willows on 4-17-47 and adopted on 5-19-47 by Noel & Frances Baker of Illinois. My friend has been in remission with lukemia, but it has returned. She is in need of a bone marrow transplant, but her two children are not matches. She hopes to find out if she had siblings. Her birth father was a 27 year old vice president of a company (Catholic), bmom was a 21 year old secretary (Presbyterian). Backgrounds were French, Scotch, Irish and Dutch. If anyone has any information please email me and I will contact her Thanks Bedgie!

From: Jane H. ( My mother was born at the Willows in 1919, her birth name was Florentina Grant and her attendant's name was John W. Kepner. There is information at the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jackson County in Book 9 page 250. Would like to know what information this is, and if we would be able to look at it. If anyone can help please email me at Jane...................

From: Tammy ( I was born June 17, 1958 and adopted around July 17, 1958. I have recently come across this site after deciding certain health issues that I have dealt with are now falling upon my children. Though I have had a very good life and wonderful parents, I find the stories and circumstances of everyone elses adoptions a bit contrite. We all seem to have been told very similar things, which I find distressing. Though in my heart I know my adopted parents did what they felt best, I feel there is much I need to know. I, unlike many other adoptees, have no original birth documents, only the amended one. The funny thing is that my brother, also adopted from the Willows in 1955, has all of the original documents. I also was told long before 1969, that the Willows had burned and all of the records were lost. I have always been told that the Physician, who was my GP through childhood and early adulthood- in fact, he delivered my first child 20 years ago, was instrumental in this adoption. He passed away a few years ago, and when I started to become more curious about this life of mine, I phoned the AMA here in Tulsa to find out where his records went. They told me he requested they would be stored for 6 months then destroyed. I asked them if this was common for a Doctor to do, and they said, "not really, but it is their perogative". Needless to say, I feel that the key to my life is now in the ashes of the fires of medical records!?! Am very interested to know if anyone has a similar story. I do not have a raging desire to meet my birth family. I have had every advantage -except for my health. But I now have been told that certain situations require some intensitve medical history. The history won't do much for me at this point in time, but is imperative for the future of my three children - their biological grandchildren. Since I have no records and the stories I have been told do not match what I have found to be factual, I am in the dark on the best way to proceed on this journey. My apologies for being so prolific. Advice would be appreciated, and thank you very much!! ~Tammy

From: Patrick L. W. ( I just stumbled across your web site and wanted to add my two cents worth. I am an adoptee adopted from the Willows Home in 1964. My birthdate is November 7th 1964. If anyone has any pertinent information to share with me about any biological family members that I may have out there. Please share it with me. Thank You. its been a pleasure to find this site....carry on.

From: Diane ( Willows March thru August 1946 If you are a birth mother and stayed at the Willows during this period - do you remember Mabel. She played the piano while there. Sad eyes. From Ohio. Thank you.

From: Diane ( Born 9/1/46. Just found bfamily May 1, 1999 and discoverd a younger brother born 12/9/56. My bmom had died in 1997. I am attempting to reach my younger brother. He was born after she married. I was born when she was 31, brother when she was 41, I'm just wondering if there are more of us. If so, b. at Willows. I'll put in some non-id hoping someone recognizes it. I'm guessing older than I am. Bmother played the piano, and spent vacations at a lake. Her father was a minister, her mother a teacher, her younger sister a nurse. She was born in an Eastern coastal state in 1915. Her parents were born aprox 1885, and married at aprox 28. Bmom did clerical work, was athletic, and had 3 yrs of college and some bus. school. Grandparents and sister had college degrees. Her father had an honorary doctorate. Her family was french, named LaRUE. Are there more of us out there?

From: jill (mommax136) just found your site. i'm looking for my friends birth mother. He was born 6/10/39 and given the name of carroll adams. We have no other info.

From: Cynthia K. ( I believe I was born at the Willows on Jan. 26, 1966. All I know is that my birth name was Bridget, and I was adopted at about 6 weeks old by great parents from Ohio. Can anyone offer any information--after giving birth to my son in 1996, I am more curious than ever about my own birthparents!! I was devastated to hear that records from the home were burned!! Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

From: Diane ( Birthmother named Larue at Willows. Was born 9/1/46 Mother 31, from Northeast. Grandparents 60, in 1946 He was clergy, she a teacher. Aunt was 29-studied nursing and Chinese. Mother had some college and bus sch. Played piano.Who am I? My bc lists DR.D. T. VanDel, but no hospital. Is it correct that Willows babies were born at Fairmount Hosp., which is now Truman Medical Center In 46 where were babies cared for after birth and before adoption? I was a mo. old when adopted.

From: Susan ( I am looking for non-identifying information about my birth parents. I was born at The Willows on February 27, 1955, to a college-age woman named Gail, who was of German descent, and was Lutheran. I am told that she and my father were interested in music and art. I would like to know more about my cultural background as well as any info regarding the medical history of my parents.

From: Cate ( Dear Bedgie...Thank you for hosting this site!! When the homepage loaded, it was the first time I'd ever seen where I was born!! I've always had a penchant for grand porches and Big Band music... now I know why!! :-) How many "natural" children (as if adopted children aren't "natural"!) have NOT driven by the hospital where they were born, maybe even gone in when their siblings were born there, too! What a thrill it was to see that beautiful old picture!! I was born at the Willows 3-26-46, weighed 6 lbs. 4 ozs., and was given the name Diana Carter. I was adopted one month later by a loving Kansas City, MO couple who spoiled me rotten, and who still support my dreams. I've told physicians all my life that I don't have a "family history." I'd like to learn my medical history and know if I have/had any siblings or half-siblings. I'm an only child, and after my now elderly parents are gone, I'll be alone in this world. In my mind, my bMom is a short, chubby, woman who is probably musical, near-sighted, and allergic to many things although she has a green thumb, just like ME! But most of all, she's loving... she proved that when she did what was best for me by allowing my adoption. I may never know who she is, and that's all right. Knowing other bMoms may read this and find comfort in it is good enough. I would be interested in receiving email from other adoptees or bMoms who were at the Willows (in utero, or otherwise!) between September 1945 - April 1946. Thanks again for hosting this site, Bedgie!

From: Ann M. L. ( Born at the Willows 20 July 1944. My birth mother's name is Merlin White and my birth name was Nancy White. If anyone knows anything about a young woman by this name that was at the Willows prior to July 1944 please send me an e-mail. As near as we can tell by mother would have been 21 years old at my birth. It is good to know that this home page is here. Mom, if you see this please send me an e-mail!!! My adopted parents came to the Willows by train from Illinois and had to take a cab for fear that nurses would get their license number from their car. They could not use their own names once inside the building. I remember them telling me they worked directly with Ms. Hayworth. My husband and I and my adopted parents visited the Willows in 1965. We have a book that was given out as an advertisement and all the letters that went back and forth from Ms. Hayworth to my adopted parents. We were told that Ms. Hayworth's daughter had many of the adoption records. This was told to us through a group working in Kansas City. They also did work with the courthouse and found that many of our records were spread all over the files at the time of the adoptions so that no one would be able to find enough of the information to find their biological parent.

From: Suzanne E. ( Born at Willows on 11-13-59 I am looking for birth mother. Do not have any information on either parent. My adoptive parents think that my birth mothers name might have been Rose.

From: Troy M. ( I was born @ the Willows in September 1965. My mother and father were in college together when she got pregnant. She was a cheerleader and my father was co-captain of the football team (info from non-identifying social history record). At the time of my birth, she was 17. He was 18. My background is French, Irish, and American Indian. Mom, please call me if you read. (816-505-3389)

From: Sandy T. ( I have just read the message of Jane Yow and find that she was born at the Willows on my birthdate! The only difference is about 6 years. I'm searching for my birthparents, too, and I do have some helpful information. If I can find the registry of pharmacists for 1936, I might find my maternal grandparents. Please write if you have a means of getting this information. All help is gratefully accepted. Best wishes, Sandy Trent From: Jane E. Yow ( Dear hope@last: I read with interest, your message in the guestbook. I think we were at The Willows at the exact same time---I was born 11/24/42. Would love to touch base with you! Thanks. Jane E. Yow, Fresno, Ca. (

From: Jane E. Y. ( I was adopted by extremely loving parents (John & Jean French in 12/42---my birth date is 11/24/42. My mother passed in October, '98---my father is very much alive and well, in Carol Stream, Il. (he'll be 90 in August). Thank you for this guestbook. Janie (French) Yow

From: Melissa M. ( I too have had little luck in finding information about adoption records that were kept at The Willows. My Mother-in-Law was born May 19, 1939 to a girl of 15 years old and a boy of 17 years old. She was adopted by the Mayhews in Wisconsin. If anyone has any luck finding records, please contact me. I have a letter from the Sanitarium regarding her adoption. Amazing, it was $50 to adopt her.......Thanks, Melissa

From: Karen W. ( My mom was born at the Willows on 6/26/31 to a Barbara Decker who was 22 at the time. She named my mother Ladene. Anyone who has any information regarding the background of the American-German Decker family, please contact me. It would mean so much to my mom. Thanks!

From: Sheryl R. ( I was born at the Willows on 8-28-48 and adopted through the Jackson County Court. My given name at birth was Mildred Meyer. I believe my mothers name to be Marylynne Meyer. I have a copy of a lab report with her name on it. I also have a copy of my original adoption papers and a copy of my social history, which I recieved from the Jackson County Courts. If anyone wants to try and get a copy of theirs, email me and I will tell you how I got mine. Both of my adopted parents are gone and I would love to find my bmother. Any information you may have, please email me. I have always loved and respected her for the hardship she went through. Because of her I now have a beautiful daughter and two wonderful grandsons that I would love for her to see. Thank you for this site. It makes me feel like I have a lot of brothers and sisters out there who were born at the Willows. Keep up the good work and don't give up looking!

From: Shawn R. ( Baby girl born 6-13-55 @ The Willows. I am so very glad that a friend told me about this page. Birth mom's last name Gonio?

From: DeAnn F. ( I am a baby girl born May 8, 1969 in search of any birth realative. If you have any information please contact me.

From: jeanne ( My farther was born at the willows on May 24, 1943 I would like him to find his birth parents. I belive his birth name was Walter McCoy he is told. He was adopted to a Catholic family. Also my aunt is looking for her birth parents she was also born at the Willows on Jan 8 1946 her birth name she was told is Colleen Ryan adopted to the same catholic family. If anyone has information on these to adoption or any information how to find birth parents, or information on the Willows please e-mail me. Thank you

From: Terry ( I was born at Willows 3/20/44 and adoption papers state my name was NANETTE MACK. I also received an a.birth certificate and partial original b. certificate which also states name was Nanette Mack. Any info anyone out there has, no matter how remote, please contact me. Thanks for this wonderful site. Have been searching for info on little out there I was beginning to think the Willows did not even exist....Plan to tell anyone I find on other registeries who are adoptees from Willows about this site...My thanks!

From: Bernice O. ( I am searching for my brother who was born at the Willows in KC, MO on 11/16/44. I know nothing more about him other than my mom tells me she gave him the name "Charles". But she is 74 years old now and not in real good health. She may not be remembering. I haven't had much luck in my search. It's like if you were born at the Willows, all information is taboo. I'm certainly glad of this site though. I just wish more people would register here. I think this is what the willows babies need. A site pretty much their own. I also wish it were easier to find. I have been searching explicitly for Willows information for 6 years now and this is the best I have found. Keep it going and the best of luck to all you Willows babies.

From: Norma S. ( I was sent to the Willows in November 1961 when I was 5 mo pregnant with my first child. My son was born on March 16, 1962, and with a lot of help from a stranger, really, who lived in KCMO, I was able to find my son in 1983. We have since met and continue to have an ongoing relationship. I remember the Willows experience vividly, including Mrs. Haworth, and most of the girls who were there at that time. The physician at that time was Dr. Slickman. I would love to find and hear from some of the other Willows bmoms who were there in the early sixties. Thanks for your wonderful page!!!

From: Gene ( Does anyone have information about Dr. D. T. VanDel. He was the attending physcian at my birth in Kansas City 1945. I have seen his name associated with births at the Willows and I am wondering if he practiced in other maternity homes as well. There is no hospital listed on my birth certificate.

From: Kathy C. ( I am writing for a friend who was born at the Willows 4-17-1947 and adopted on 5-19-47. She has cancer and is looking for any siblings for possible bone marrow transplant. Her bmom was 21 years old and a secretary (Presbyterian) Her bdad was a 27 year old VP of a company (Catholic) Her adoptive parents were the Bakers of Joliet, IL Contact me at if you have any info on her birth family. Thanks

From: ( baby girl erika born 9/8/65 at willows at 11:50 pm. mother doris winters(?),maternal grandfather is an md. are you out there?

From: LaDawn W. ( We are searching for my husband's birthfamily. He was born 09/26/67 and was at the willows for 3 months until he was adopted. Any information on how we can find out more would be appreciated. Thank you.

From: Jane ( I am a Willows baby born 10/23/47. I am not searching for my birth parents, but would like to leave a messge for my birth mother in case she would ever see this page. Message follows: I have had a good life with loving parents, a fine husband, and wonderful son because of you. My adoptive parents told me of my adoption from the very beginning,and about how brave you were to let me go so they could have me. Thank you!

From: One who wishes to remain anonymous (hope@last) I am a Willows baby born 11-**-42 and was able to track down my birth mother thanks to information obtained from Kansas City Adult Adoptees (c.1980?). I was able to receive almost official confirmation of my birth in the following manner: I wrote to the Missouri state department of vital statistics, using my birth name, requesting the birth certificate for my birth name and received a letter saying the records for that birth were sealed but that a birth certificate was available under my adopted name (which I did not use in my correspondence). I've always wondered whether the clerk responding to my inquiry was intending to provide me information or was simply inept! I remember going to The Willows to pick up my adopted sibling who was born in May, 1945 and am curious if the building on the 1909 postcard was changed by 1945. I remember a long set of steps going down to the street where the taxi was waiting.

From: Connie S. ( I was born at The Willows on September 25, 1945. My mother's name was Rinderknecht. She was 22 years old at the time. Her father owned and managed his own business. She was of German descent and sang and played the clarinet. She was a high school graduate and had a business course. She had one brother who was a farmer and two sisters, one of whom worked for their father. My father was 26 years old and a farmer. He too was of German descent and owned his own farm. He had lived in his community for over twenty-five years. There were 2 sisters and 3 brothers. I would be interested in any information about my birth parents.

From: Mr. Lauren C. ( Laura Hyle born to Martha Hyle July 28th 1933 I am an adoptee and so is my natural mother. She was born at the Willows, she believes, to a woman (Martha Hyle?) who is likely to be 100% Sioux Indian. Any info would be appreciated....

From: Mary M. ( Pamela: Born to ANN FROTHINGHAM at the Willows, 03-08-49 I am seeking any information about my birth family. Ann was my mother's name, my given name at birth was Pamela. My birth mom had two sisters, one was 14 and the other was 20, I believe. Maternal family members had studied music and language in Europe (France, I believe). Ann's father received architect/engineering degree from Harvard in 1920's. My birth father was 26? at time of birth, from California, had served in the SeaBees. Was of German extraction. Please provide any helpful information by contacting me through email. I live in Portland OR today.

From: Jay C E. ( I am helping my father to locate information on his birth parents. He was born at the Willows Maternity Sanitarium on 21FEB1947 under the name of Allen Stewart. He has little information on his birth parents all that he knows is his mother is of German descent and was in her early twentys when she gave birth. His father was catholic and was in the military during World War II possible in the US Navy but not for sure. Any information regarding this birth would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

From: Jacki M. ( Trying to find any information on parents or siblings to baby girl born 5-22-43 at the Willows. Mother's name, LaVola Wering born apx 1912- 1914. Phone 815-756-6042.

From: Michael C. (mcash@iland) looking for parents. I was born on Nov.10, 1963. My birth mother stayed at the Willows.

From: Robert S. ( baby boy dob 10-23-51 or there abouts. name on adoption papers in my posession says "russell pugh". mothers name may be mary. doctors name p.t. van del

From: Amy K. ( My father was born Ralph Bratley at Willows on March 4, 1930. His birth mother was a rural teacher and his father was a farmer, both in their 30s. His adoptive name became Paul Larson. He died in 1972, but I am seeking the Bratley's to put together the pieces of his story.

From: Carolyn P. ( born 9-5-43 Marian Hammond ISO Bfather. Bfather to have been involved in aviation training, was 26 and only child, his father was salesman. I am reunited with my only living aunt and my 98 yo grandmother, met in 1997...My bmom was Helen Marie Hammond, b1920-d1987 (of cancer), born in IN and after HS always lived in the Chicago Area (except the 6 wks she was at the Willows). I was reunited by ISRR but I also Hired a searcher I met at a CUB mtg (who is a bmom) and she had been succesful in reuniting a friend of mine. WE MUST ALL continue to petition the courts for OUR ORIGINAL birth Certificates..Best wishes to all AND thank you BEDGIE for this forum...Carolyn

From: Tamara T. ( My mother and I just found out that she was born at the Willows in Dec. of 1936. We are not sure how to go about finding information on her birth parents. If anyone has any suggestions or knows anything about the Kuhn family in Kansas City, MO at that time, please email me. Thanks!

From: AJ S. ( Good Work! Keep it up.

From: Lova K. ( baby girl, born about 1925-27 parents from Marshall County, Kansas. The half-brother of this baby girl is wanting to find her. His mother went to Willows Nursery abt. the date above & gave birth to a baby girl. This birthmother had brownish-hazel eyes, brown hair, was 5 ft 5 in tall & was 17 years old at the time. She gave the baby girl a "family" name but we are guessing on the name. (Maybe Flossie, Marian) We think maybe last name was given as Fincham or Summers. Since this friend of mine has no computer, I am writing to you for him. They have a picture of this baby girl but his sister has it at the time. If any of the above information sounds familiar, please e-mail me & I will get in touch with him. Thank you.

From: Shannon ( Born 5/11/67 Husband looking for any info on relatives. We know his father does not know of his birth. Mother was 19 and father was 21. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

From: Melanie M. ( I was born Cheryl Taggart (from adoption decree) on 2-6-64, adopted by fabulous, loving parents and raised in KC suburbs (KS side). Until I retired last May, my office overlooked where the Willows used to stand. Unclear whether I was actually born at Willows or across the street at St. Mary's Hospital. Don't believe bmother felt any attachment (social history indicates not), but am still thankful for opportunity to have such a great life. Bmother arrived at Willows September 1963 - 17, 5'3", 120 lbs, dark brown hair, green eyes, very outgoing and opinionated. Had a brother and two sisters (all younger). Social history says her dad (an MD) called her "Mr. Anthony", and they must have lived near water as her family owned a 23-foot boat, she spent a summer working at a marina, and she enjoyed all water sports, especially synchronized swimming. She knitted sweaters and prepped for college (intending to major in foreign languages) while at Willows.

From: ginny ( searching for my father's birthparents:his date of birth: MAY 23, 1927 at willows in KCMO Searching for my husband's birthparents...DOB: AUGUST 14, 1948....also at Willows, tho' possibly the Crittenton Home for unwed mothers in KCMO. birthmom's name may be YAUCH.

From: Tracy J. ( still searching for a female born at the willows in march of 1935 to a 15/16 year old girl father was 22/23 , the baby was adopted by a couple from the tulsa ok area. any info would be great.

From: Shannon ( Baby Boy Cary born 5/11/67 Born at willows hospital, would like to know a little more on my life. Have two children and would like to know medical history.

From: Lynda ( I was at The Willows in 1963 and gave birth to a baby girl. When this girl turned 25 she searched and found me. We have emailed, talked on phone, shared pictures and written letters to each other! My memories of The Willows are not good! I spent only a couple of months there, but it was not a pleasant experience to say the least!


From: Debbie H.-B. ( I'm helping my mother locate her birth parents. She has been recently diagnosed with leukemia and is curious as to her medical history. She was born 2/23/38 at the Willows hospital. Her Birth name was Phyliss Nordling. On a lab test her mother's name was shown as Edith. B-Mom 22 years old. 5'3", dark brown hair, blue eyes, 140 lbs. Scandinavian, B-father 28 years old. 6', brown hair, blue eyes, 170lbs. Thanks for any help given!

From: Jeanine ( If you were a birthmother at the Willows 6/35 until 1/36 and knew Clara Elizabeth Jacobson, I would like to hear from you to learn more about her. She died at Willows 1/36. My b name was Jeanine Jacobson - Clara was from Indiana -

From: John S. ( Looking for birth parents. Born in Willows on 10/10/1968.

From: Katie ( I was born on Feb. 27, 1962 at the Willows. My mother was small 4 foot 11 inches. She had light brown hair and green eyes. My name on my none identifying information, probably a nursery name, was Jami Whan. Her pregnancy was kept very quiet. My birthfather was to go to the Merchant Marine Academy in the fall of 1961 I believe. He was 18 and finished with high school. He was 5 foot 4inches and blond and blue eyed. His father was a prominent man in the community that they lived and on the city council. My father was to have worked on the city repair crew. My mother hoped to enter nurses training. Does this sound familiar to anyone. I was born Feb. 27, 1962 at 8:55 a.m. 6lbs. 6oz. I was raised in a great home with loving family members.

From: TERRY ( GALEN KING/ b.6-25-46 SEARCHING FOR 'REVA 'or INFORMATION. Born at the Willows, mom was listed as 18yrs, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, highschool grad. Had business training,was teleprinter, of English and Irish descent. Her name was listed as REVA KING, she had a St. Louis address. Adopted to a wonderful Christian family, want the opportunity to thank you for making such a wise choice, for giving me life, in spite of the difficulty it caused you. I have had a very blessed life,a wife, and 3 wonderful children who wish to know their birthgrandmother, and to share with you the joy of their lives, and even your GREAT GRANDSONS approaching birth! Please contact us!! We do not wish to intrude. If there is anyone with info. that could help our search or knew 'REVA' in the months around JUNE 1946, please help us satisfy this need to know our heritage.We don't know how to search for her. Does anyone know where babies were kept during the month awaiting placement? Were there foster homes?

From: J. E. Mayla B. ( BORN 6/9/47 at WILLOWS; Searching for any information related to birth mother or father; anyone who there at time & might have met my birth mother who is listed as Georgianna Edwards (of Richmond, Indiana--I learned this through searcher). Believe I located birth mother; however, she denied having a child. If it is not her, then it is someone who knew her well, as all of the information matches, i.e., address given, occupation of father, college status, etc. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION. THANKS!

From: Daniel M. ( What is the current status of Willows adoption records? (ie, Do they still exist? Who has them?). I would be interested in talking with others who are searching for their biological grandparents. I would be interested in a Willows chat group. Anyone who is interested, please contact me. If we get enough interest, we can set up a yahoo group.

From: geneva s. ( I was born at the Willows on Nov. 12,1941....I was called baby mother was a teacher and father an electrical engr.....they had know each other for 5 father was of Irish descent and mother of Scottish of my grandparents owned a shoe factory.....this is about all I know....I was at the Willows from 11/12/41 to 12/7/41......would appreciate any info I might be able to have....

From: Allen D. ( Was born July 23, 1961 at the Willows. I was delivered by Dr. R. A. Slickman. I believe my birth name was "Charles" which was the crossed out name on my footprints. Would love to uncover any information beyond what little I already know. What I know is this: my birth mother was approx. 16 yo from Scottish descent. Not much to go on and not enough to fill in the gaps. Thanks for the site and if anyone knows anything or anyone, let me know.

From: John C. C. ( I was adopted from the willows in 1946, yet i was born 9 mos earlier, on 9/19/45. My birth mother's name may have been Lierman, not sure. Have been able to fine no other information.

From: Amy M C. ( Born 3/8/55 Thanks for a wonderful site! I am seeking information about my BirthMother. In 1954 she was 25, 5'10" tall, auburn hair, blue eyes, fair complexion. Sounds exactly like ME! She was an RN-Head surgerical scrub nurse at Penrose Community Hospital in Colorado Springs, Co. Moved to KC, MO after finding she was pregant. I am sure James A. Johnson, MD (Bfather) paid. He died 1977. I paid the state to do a search and they discovered Bmother died 1987 and will not release any info. I found Bfather thru dumb luck and some clues the searcher let slip. His 5 children have no information and are not receptive. I can not let this go.... please help if you have any suggestions.

From: Scott B. ( My mother is looking for her birth parents. She was born August 3, 1952. Her birth name was Diana Matteson.

From: Anne B. ( Girl b. 01-06-65 - Dr. R.A. Slickman. Great site! Thanks, bedgie! My bmom and bdad were 18 and had been dating for two years. Her father had been an industrial engineer; his father worked for the phone company. She and her mom were very active in girl scouts; they both played flute. She kept a Siamese Fighting Fish in her room while she was at the Willows. Any and all information welcome.

From: Susan ( My mother was born 17 July, 1923 at the Fairmount Maternity Hospital in KC. A copy of the letter of reference was addresses to the Willows. The birth mother's name was Julia Nermo. My mother is still living and we would love to get some information.

From: Daniel M. ( My father was born at The Willows,8/1/43 reportedly to a Scottish mother and Eastern European/Russian father. He was adopted and given the name John Robert McQuown (he was adopted by a Scottish man and a Lithuanian woman). Would love to know if my biological grandparents are still alive, and would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you.

From: Susan ( I was born at the Willows on April 26, 1969. I currently live about a 20-minute drive from where the Willows used to stand. I have located my bmother with the help of an outside source. I am offering my help to anyone who is searching and could use someone close to the source.

From: Candace S. B. ( Baby girl Stevens born May 1944. If anyone any where has any info regarding the willows, dr dt van del, the nurses, May 1944, Any Stevens at the willows during this time please respond to or call 207-490-1851, thank you Bedgie, Candace

From: ( girl born 8/13/56 seeking birthmom. I was called Sandy at the Willows. Mother's name on lab report is Marilyn. I don't if the stories are reliable, but she had bright blue eyes, was a college senior and a nurse. Bdad supposedly also college senior, and blonde.

From: mardeane ( I was told that my dad's b-mom's last name is Leafstrand, my dad has passed away but I would like to find out something about his birth parents. he was born we think march 31, 1915 and Leafstrand sounds like a swedish name Lovstrand. please help me.

From: Flo ( We are searching for any information on Dorothy Hartley who died at the Willows Hospital 09/26/45, she died following the birth of her infant son, who also died. We have been trying to get medical records, but appears they were all destroyed. Anyone who may have knew Dorothy, please contact us. Thanks!

From: Sue W. ( I was born 9-21-48 at the Willows. I was given the name Elizabeth Wrona, and my mother's name on the birth card was Anne. I was of Polish descent, and the non-identifying information indicated that my mother was 41 at the time of my blood father was of Scottish descent and age 55 at the time of my birth. I know that I have a half sister out there somewhere who was a senior in high school at the time of my birth. As I read the non-identifying information about my mother it struck me that she was a very brave woman. I thank her for my wonderful life. If anyone knows about this courageous woman, please email me...and thank you to Nanette for letting me know about this website..and thank you to bedgie for caring for it!

From: Dana T. ( I was born at the Willows on 5/28/1948 at 9:50pm. The name given to me by my birth Mother was Evella Summer. Would appreciate any assistance with my search. Would like to here from bMothers that were at the Willows at the time of my birthMother, and would also enjoy corresponding with crib mates!

From: Kathy B. ( Delivered by Dr. Van Del, March 22, 1947, K.C. Mo. I am interested in finding out more about The Willows, and the records that were lost/burned. I would like to know where ANY information from there could possibly be obtained. If there is anyone that was an expectant mother, or worked at The Willows during the late winter of '46, or the first part of '47, and would have known Louise Stevens, please contact me. I would like to have information concerning her and the birth father. Good luck to all....

From: K. D. ( Son Born JUNE 28,1966 Would love to know...Son born at the Willows 1966. I think about him everyday. Hope all has been good. Would love to have contact, be sure to ID date or Willows in subject line, or like most I just delete. Thank You, K. Da

From: Heidi L. ( I am looking for any information about my father's birth parents. He was born May 13, 1947 and was adopted six weeks later by a loving couple from Illinois. His adopted parents say he is Swedish and maybe a little German. He has Green eyes, and he is VERY intelligent. Any thoughts or help is much appreciated. You can reach me at the email address. thank you

From: candace Jane S. B. ( This letter is for Birthmothers that were at the willows during the time period of JAN 1944- June 1944 and for adoptees with any info on the willows , Dr DT VAN DEL, nurses during that time frame, any thing that could help in my search. What I do know is I was born to a woman of 21 years at the time of my birth which was on May 17, 1944 at 8 am. Dr DT VAN DEL was the MD.Cora Haworth was the guardian it said on the non id papers. I was placed with my adoptive parents Ferne and Douglas Searle on June 9, 1944. My A parents were Christian Science and he was a minister at the time, they lived in either Oaklahoma or Louisiana at the time I was born. My birthmother was said to be American of english extraction and a stenographer. It said my birthfather was a bookkeeper before going into the Navy. He was said to be 24 or 25 at the time of my birth.He was American of Eng-French extraction with a high school diploma and that is all they gave of non id.

From: Mary Etta S. D. ( ) Born 5/18/48. Birthmother was listed as Bea Leatherman, 16 yrs. old. Birthfather's name not listed but he was 19 yrs. old. Adopted at 6 wks. by couple in Indiana. Interested in finding birth family, siblings, etc. Have adopted brother from the Willows also, born 12/14/52.

From: Kathy D. ( B-mom ISO Boy Born June 28,1966, Have writen before but forgot to thank you for this site. It is a God-sent for ALL of us who were at the Willows, moms and children, all of us just figuring out what to do. It was a different time back in the 60's and earlier. Hope my birth son would get in touch,

From: RITA T. ( my father in law was born at the willows Jan.13 1931. We believe his birthmothers name was buelah adams and his baby john adams. we would love to find out any info on his birth family.

From: Tommy T. ( ) In search of birthmother or siblings. I was born February 11,1947 at the Willows. Birthmother's name is believed to be Lorraine. She was 17 years old at the time of my birth.

From: Barbara R. ( I was born at the Willows on 6/9/48 and my crib card said Helen Wheat. Not sure what that really means. My non-id info suggests my bmother was in her 20's and 3 year of college, 5'4"and brown wavy hair and blue eyes. Bfather was in 20's, high school graduate and was in military for 4 years. He had blue eyes and was 5'6". Both were Irish and English background. I would love any information.

From: Tracy J. ( still searching.......I visit the site every so often hoping to find some answers as I am sure everyone does. I appreciate the site and the time and work that it takes to maintain it! I would love to talk to anyone that has an interest in the willows expecially 1935. Good Luck to all! I hope each and everyone find what they are searching for.

From: Verna S. ( My Grandmother was born at The Willows on March 15, 1916 to Emma Smith. Emma was 15 years old and born in Mo. Her occupation was listed as "Homework". Verna's name was changed to Dorothy Verna Mangold when she was adopted in Trego, Cty in Ks. No info on Father. Attending physician was Dr. John W. Kepner. If you have any information, PLEASE help us find these birth family members.

From: Nelson M. ( searching for origins, adopted male born 1-4-50 in Kansas City, Mo. send info to


From: Stan G. ( Leonard Shilobrit was the name given to me at birth (May 1949). My birth mother was of Polish extraction. When I began searching for the name Shilobrit, I found only find a handful of Shilobrit's all of which were located in Wisconsin. Since this is such an unusual name and that of Polish extraction, I was hoping that my birth mother may have given me that name for a specific reason. If anyone can shed any light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

From: tracie ( I can not believe there is really a site for the willows sanitarium. My mother and I have been searching for many years for my grandfathers birth mother and keep going to dead ends of which I can see many people are dealing with the same problem as we to tell you about my grandfather so maybe some one might be able to help. He was refered to as baby Dale born at 10:20 a.m. on may 3 1926, mother was 19 reddish brn hair and brown eyes, was in the last year of high school, four years piano, six months vocal student, town reared, american. The father was 24, brown hai,r blue eyes, some high school farmer, country reared, american. On the lab report it was marked with dale's mother patient's name- Veltra of what i can read out of it . There was a letter sent to someone at one time saying where to obtain a birth certificate. The adoption number is a-4850. My grandfather written on the back of it Dale- my last name. Any information on my grandfathers adoption or anything appreciated.

From: Susan ( 6-26-46. The name on my birth record and adoption paper is Sheila Struthers. I am interested in information about my birth familes. It would be nice to get to know people with similar interest that may look like me.

From: Celia C. ( Searching for family medical info for my adopted son. He was born at The Willows, May 23,1963. Name given at birth was, I believe, Stephen. Mother's name may have been Semple. Attending physician, Slickman.Would be happy to share information about his life. No desire to intrude. Please write.

From: Patricia F. ( Baby Jeffrey Poole-DOB 6-7-52 @ 11:00a.m. @ Willows. Helping my husband search for any birth relatives. Taken by WI couple 6 wks after birth. Lab report by Dr. D.T. Van Del from Sackett Laboratory in KC, KS says mother was Lorraine. Crib card says mother was 20 yrs, 123 lbs, 5"4.1/2" tall, HS grad, some piano study, Bookkeeper, Amer. of Eng-Ger. extraction. Father was 25 yrs, 145 lbs, Blond, Blue Eyes, HS Grad, some college, American of Norwegian distraction. Would like medical info for 20 yr. old daughter-brain tumor.

From: Mary Adam W. ( Looking for my baby girl born at the Willows 1963 in the spring. I gave her the name "Sheila Maria". I had a stroke a few years ago and I do not know the actual date of birth anymore. Any help to remember the date would be appreciated. My roommate was from Oklahoma, name was Betty. She and I both worked in the kitchen and shared a room on the bottom floor near the kitchen. I was from Arkansas and had been going to college. There was a lady who worked in the kitchen in the home and had a room down the hall. I think she also helped to take care of babies. Yet I cannot remember her name. I am tall 5'10" blond blue eyes. My baby's father is also a blond and tall. I used my real name, Mary, and the last was Adam. Any help you can give to find my daughter would be a gift. Thank You.

From: Patrick L. W. (; My name is Patrick and I was born on November 7th, 1964 at the Willows Home and I weighed in at birth at 7 lbs 11oz. The attending physician at my birth there was Dr. R.A. Slickman. I was adopted from there officially, shortly before Christmas of 1964. My Adoptive-parents were Roscoe & Patricia (McCurdy) West. I have only non-identifying information, at best of my birthparent(s). If you have any information pertaining to my birth or birthparents please email me at either of the email addresses I listed. Thank you.

From: Cherri B. ( Searching for birthparents, I was born 2-5-68. What an awesome site, totally committed to those born at this home, thank you. I have received and reviewed the 12 pages of nonidentifying information. According to it my birthparents worked together at Grolier when she became pregnant with me. She had swam on a water ballet team while in school. My birthfather would have been prior military. His father (my would-be grandfather) was a minister who was also a state billiards champion. If you have any information that could help me find either I would appreciate the help. Again - thank you for housing this site.